28 February 2011

NO DOCTOR (ALGEN Records, 1995)

A short CD (ca.20 minutes) with somewhat crazy 'n powerful music.

Jazz ? - I don't know - who cares. Nicholas Bussmann has recorded a CD for FMP in 1997.

Apropos FMP > http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/fmp-total-growth-meeting-free-jazz-peter-brotzmann-jost-gebers/Content?oid=3191347 (Swan song).


Alex Nowitz, voice, electronics, organ
Nicholas Bussmann, cello, electronics
Hanno Leichtmann, drums, accordion

01. Cell 01:52
02. Homeostasis 01:04
03. Warschau 00:49
04. Zurückgeblieben 03:12
05. Weltlauf 02:50
06. Gasgachio 01:25
07. Zell am See 03:46
08. Surfers Ear 00:38
09. Alte Meister 03:07
10. Cell 02:09

Recorded : September 1995 (in Vienna or Zell am See, Austria ????).



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

wonderful! bussmann + leichtmann also were together in the band 'ich schwitze nie' with wonderful actor lars rudolph on vocals.

onxidlib said...

A friend of mine has told me about "Ich Schwitze Nie" (what a funny name for a group)- next time I visit him I will have a listen.

Anonymous said...

'ich schwitze nie' released 2 cd's so far, the first "träume der sehnsucht - lockender rhythmus" on no man's land, berlin, the 2nd "billige flaggen" on trikont, munich. unique interpretations of old german shanty's, schlager, own free material and everything in between. one of the best german 'pop' projects i know, funny like hell.

Marcus said...

Thank you!

marten512 said...

Never heard of these three before, really enjoyed this. Thank you.

er said...

Repost please. thanks you

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er said...

Thank you very much dear Ernst! Have a fantastic 2017!!