2 March 2011

M'Boom Re:Percussion - Live in Milan '82

Dedicated to all fans of Max Roach & Company.

Rec. live at "Teatro Ciak", Milan, Italy,
on October 28, 1982 (mics recording)

Max Roach,drums,whistle,vibraphone,xylophone,tympani,orchestra

Fred King,marimba,orchestra bells,tympani,percussion
Omar Clay,marimba,tympani,timbales,timbales,percussion
Joe Chambers,chimes,vibraphone,marimba,xylophone,percussion
Warren Smith,drums,tympani,vibraphone,orchestra bells,percussion
Freddie Waits,drums,orchestra bells,xylophone,percussion
Roy Brooks,drums,musical saw,percussion,temple block,cymbal,
tympani,steel drums

Ray Mantilla,African & Latin percussion,triangle

1. Onomatopoeia [O.Clay] (15:47)
2. Twinkle Toes [W.Smith] (03:45)
3. Epistrophy [T.Monk] (11:51)
4. The Glorious Monster [M.Roach]/Caravanserai [J.Chambers] (33:42)
5. Kujichangla [R.Brooks] (14:45)

Total Time 1:19:53

Twinkle Toes


riccardo said...

mp3 (177 MB)

flac (492 MB)

Arcturus said...

o yea - always appreciated - many thanks, riccardo

Arcturus said...

out of curiousity, are you holding other shows (any bands) w/ Warren Smith?

(& while I'm wildly day-dreaming, any of Sirone's Berlin band?

riccardo said...

@ Arcturus

a Gil Evans Orch. (Antibes '74)

Arcturus said...

what I've heard, that '74 band Evans toured was excellent high-energy stuff - would be most welcome here should you get the urge someday (& no rush on my account) - the Hemphills you posted are thoroughly enjoyable & cherished

Igor said...

Thanks for Max Roach, riccardo.

Anonymous said...

An extremely good up-close sounding *rare* (i would imagine?) audience recording of M'Boom! Thanks very much for this percussive extravaganza, riccardo!! A drummer's delight, indeed! --dandor

upkerry14 said...

(& while I'm wildly day-dreaming, any of Sirone's Berlin band?

like this?

Sirone Sextet w/anthomy brown, jason hwang - Berlin 1987 at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin, November 25th 1987 (they did there three shows) Sirone Sextet (they played before the knitting factory, studio museum in harlem & some more places US) jason hwang –violin thomas borgmann – sopran nick steinhaus – alto jacques nobili – trombone sirone – bass anthony brown – drums AUD (2792)

Arcturus said...

@ upkerry14: yea, exactly - or like the one mew posted, Berlin Workshop Orchestra, 12-13-03 - both are excellent (pretty sure I heard the '87 show thanks to you & it certainly deserves a wider audience) - am wondering if there are any other boots circulating out there . . .

Anonymous said...

thanx for M'Boom!


would love to hear:
Sirone Sextet w/anthomy brown, jason hwang - Berlin 1987

Hoochie Coochie man said...


thank you very much!
Really great to get to hear these live shows by the M'Boom gang.

OSIRIS said...

New link https://mega.nz/#!LIRDUArD!UVhY9JACPP5DN50Us1H7HkSOUAlWyWgo9uhBdGpib4s

francisco santos said...