26 February 2011

Henry English - YOU SEE WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY (1967)

Even if it's not in the habits of Inconstant Sol to write about moving images, we're going to make an exception for a special short film. Made in 1967 by director Henry English, "You see what I'm trying to say" could be described as a portrait of Marion Brown in New York, both parts of the sentence being of importance.

Scarcely shown or circulated, it has kindly been transfered to digital media by Henry and we feel that it's something the readers of Inconstant Sol will want to see. Of note : the film contains shots of a studio session (set-up for the movie) involving Marion Brown, Dave Burrell, Sirone, and Bobby Kapp.

Shortly after the making of the film, Marion Brown - fed up with his poor financial situation - would take off for Europe.

Henry has written a very thorough write-up about the making of the film, that can be accessed at this address.

The movie can be seen online, following this link :


Many thanks again to Henry for his work in bringing the movie back to light.


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sasha said...

Yea AWESOME!!!! Marion Brown rip...The struggle in such difficult conditions deserves the utmost respect and love..And to continue to produce such sounds of beauty and sensitivity..So glad to have seen this short film.

Anonymous said...

this is SO great. i only wish it was available for download!

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The subject - Marion Brown - and the way the movie was made.

Thank YOU!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the video, by downloading it with RealPlayer, you can just rename the file extension in the folder from the mp4 format to avi, then it's going to make a little movie ready to be burned. The same goes with all youtube video (even most of the time you don't have to rename the file extension)

jazzcol said...

Thank you for sharing it with us!