4 February 2011


Here is Marc Levin's comment to his album "Social Sketches".
(See also this post > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2009/01/mark-levin-dragon-suitesavoy-new-jazz.html)

Regarding the album Social Sketches, recorded for Enja in the 70's, .... it was made one of several wonderful tours to Finland. The musicians, and what they play are:

Carita Holmström, voice
Seppo Paakkunainen, reeds and flute
Teppo Auta-Aho, contrabass
Reino Laine, drums

These musicians were wonderful. As I remember they were all graduates of the Sibelius Conservatory in Helsinki, (Seppo also studied at Berkley in Boston but their influences from, and knowledge of where the music was from was astounding. They had the elegance and diversity of the American roots, and the fire of the gypsies, well supported by finesse and chops of the classical world.

The record is worth a listen....me too!! The very best, Marc Levin, www.marclevin.net


Marc Levin, co, flh, mel, fl, indian fl, perc, melodica, voice
Carita Holmström, voc
Seppo Paakkunainen, as, bs, fl, viol, perc
Teppo Auta-Aho, b
Reino Laine, dr

A1. Nylon Coverin', Body Smotherin' 07:23
A2. Student Days, New York, 1965 07:40
A3. Wings Of Icarus 06:37
B1. Brothers In War 11:11
B2. Letter To President Nixon
Re: The Chile Affair 09:07

Microvox Studio in Lahti, Finland on January 29, 1975.

ENJA 2058

(lp rip)


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

I've never seen this one before, thanks.

Frédito said...

Merci Onxidlib.

Igor said...

Completely new to me also.
Thanks a lot.

Greg P said...

Is there any possibility of re-loading this set? No longer available. I've just read a review of it in an old issue of JAZZ JOURNAL and I'd certainly like to hear it!

(By the way, I check INCONSTANT SOL regularly, and I am most appreciate of your efforts. I've heard some truly great music that I would never have encountered otherwise.)

onxidlib said...


onxidlib said...
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GregP said...

Thank you! I am very pleased that uyou have found the time to reload this. Already acquired, and ready for a first listen. I found levi's 'Dragon Suite' a bit heavy going at first but grew to understand it. I hope the same for this one.

nijimasu said...

hey, any chance you guys have marc levin's song dances and prayers? not available in the blogosphere anywhere (though I think it was for a short time over at el reza but gone now). doesn't seem to be in print anywhere either. thanks for all the great music and cheers

onxidlib said...

Hi nijimasu - I bought Marc Levin's "Songs and Dances" last week.
As soon as I've made a rip I'll post it....will need some time though.

nijimasu said...

thanks onxidlib, would really appreciate it. recently picked up 'dragon suite' myself and have been making my way through levin's discography. looking forward to the rip.

tpfkaa said...

Can this re-up? Thank you.

onxidlib said...


tpfkaa said...

Thank you onxidlib.

francisco santos said...

Big THX !....

armando said...

Beautiful music. Thank you!