14 February 2011


I know it was posted in blog-land already twice but for my money this recording deserves a "flac".
The cover has an already worn out look though the LPs were in fine condition.

"Live At The East":

Mtume, congas, tonette horn
Carlos Garnett, tenor saxophone & flute
Gary Bartz, alto & soprano saxophone
Leroy Jenkins, violin
Stanley Cowell, piano
Buster Williams, bass
Ndugu, drums
Bily Hart, drums
Andy Bey, vocals
Joe Lee Wilson, vocals
Eddie Micheaux, vocals
Yusef Iman, poetry
Weusi Kuumba, poetry

1. Invocation [by Mtume] 04:17
2. Baba Hengates 17:54
3. Utamu 10:09
4. Saud 10:47

1. Alkebu-Lan 16:36
2. No Words 08:46
3. Seperate Not Equal 07:22
4. Sifa (The Prayer) 14:56
5. (no reference) 01:26

Recorded: August 21st, 1971 at The East, Brooklyn, NY


(Note: On track 5 (LP2) James Mtume is introducing the band members to the audience)


onxidlib said...
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magogiallo said...

I have always hoped to find a lossless of this one, some times ago I found an original LPs but really to much expensive for my pockets, and in bad condition too....so I have to thank you again and agian for this upgrade of my mp3

SOTISE said...

i love this one..recommended to fans of both Pharoah Sanders ,and early 70's Miles..thanks for the upgrade!

freebones said...

thanks very much for this. a superior rip indeed!

heiku said...

Many thanks for the lossless beauty!

farosanderson said...

back in the day i had an opportunity to buy this one, I didn't take that chance, now redemption is at hand.. many thanks for this and congratulations on your continual high standards.

Calisan said...

A really beauty! Thanks for the upgrade! One of my favorites from spiritual jazz

Anonymous said...

Amazing album.

øשlqæda said...

heart thanks onxidlib. so pure

Andy I said...

Thanks very much. I'd never heard of this.

Tim said...

Thankyou! Been seeking this in lossless for some time now - much appreciated!

p.s. please support bloggers who preserve wonderful music in lossless formats - an invaluable historical archive and record of human creativity -> i don't want future humans to miss out on bits of data!

sOme said...

someone! can anybody re-up this beautiful one? thanx

onxidlib said...
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Herman Blunts said...

aces thank you

mono said...
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onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you!

DW said...

onxidlib, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

how do you download?

onxidlib said...

go to comment from 9 october 2014 and clickonboth 'fichier' - firstonethan the other fichier!

Anonymous said...

my mind is blown. I love this album. Thank you.

francisco santos said...


Thole said...

Onixdlib,can you by any chance reup Mtume... it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...