14 February 2011

Francois Tusques - Sonneurs Traditionnels - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Ochestra - Après la marée noire. Vers une musique bretonne nouvelle

I mnetioned in my last post that there is a fifth Intercommunal record and this is it. This one is different from the others in that it is geographically concentrated to Bretagne in France which is not unrelated to the fact that Tusques grew up there. The idea is to take the traditional Kan Ha Diskan folk music of the Scrignac-Carhaix region of Bretagne, normally sung in a call and response manner and designed to fit with folk dances. Here it is played on the bombarde, a woodwind instrument which can be likened to an oboe, and the binou kozh which translates as an ancient bagipe. The normal procedure is for the bombarde to call and the binou kozh to respond. Players are known as soners (in Breton) and sonneurs (in French). The sonneurs set the basic rhythmic and melodic parameters, and the Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra weaves jazzy-improvisational patterns over and above, drawing on the variegated experience of the Mediterranean countries and the African continent. What comes out of it is hybridisation of folk and jazz, putting the "nouvelle" into tradition, both musically and lyrically. Behind the music, there is as always a political intent which can be gleaned from the lyrics printed inside the cover, reproduced in Catalan, Breton and French.

Basic facts:

Francois Tusques - Sonneurs Traditionnels - Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra - Après La Marée Noire. Vers une Musique Bretonne Nouvelle

(Le Chant du Monde LDX 74703) 1979

01_La rencontre
02_Biniou koz free blues valse
03_Blues gavotte
04_Les racines de la montagne
05_La marèe noire
06_Le cheval
07_Marche des pollués

Jean-Louis Le Vallegant - bombarde
Gaby Kerdoncuff - bombarde
Philippe Lestrat - bombarde and biniou koz
Tanguy Ledoré - electric bass
Ramadolf - trombone
Michel Marre - trumpet, alto sax
Samuel Ateba - congas and bongos
Carlos Andreou - vocals
Jo Maka - soprano sax
Kilikus - darbuka

Recorded at Studio Resonances
Music by Francois Tusques except "Le cheval", coauthored with Carlos Andreou.

I'm going to stick to the folky jazz/jazzy folk-theme for a little while, so stay tuned!


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I know (a little of) traditional Breton music, as well as a little of Tusques' incorporation of La Musique Bretonne into his own work (cf the solo LP on Chant du Monde that Pierre made available)
'Ramadolf' is just a fine name for a musician . . . (or for anyone)
Looking forward to this impatiently
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