19 January 2011

Wallace McMillan - Live in Florence '79

LaRoy Roosevelt "Wallace" McMillan, is a name that probably few
people remember today, but during the seventies he was a regular
contributor to the likes of M.R.Abrams, W.L.Smirh, A.Braxton, H.
Threadgill, R.Mitchell and many others. Is sufficient to recall his
presennce in the R.Mitchell's masterpiece "Nonaah".
So forgotten that it is impossible to find a picture of him on the Web...

Rec. live in Florence, Italy, on July 3, 1979
(mics recording)

Wallace McMillan,alto & soprano saxes,flute,percussion

1. Improvisation (55:49)
2. Encore (10:11)

Total Time 1:06:11


riccardo said...
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matt w said...

I think he's the seated one in the picture of the band from Threadgill's X-75 vol. 1:


It was kind of amazing that McMillan played on an album with Threadgill, Jarman, and Ewart and played more instruments than any of them.

(And, thanks for posting this!)

matt w said...

It looks like McMillan was also on a pretty recent Douglas Ewart big band album (Velvet Fire), so he's probably still out there playing, thankfully, even if the record companies and internet have forgotten him.

Igor said...

Excellent performance by a very competent musician. It is a shame that he is so criminally under recorded.
Many thanks, riccardo.

hideo said...

thanks for the link and the artist lesson

JC said...

Thanks very much for preserving (and making available to us) such history.

Alec said...

Thank you! Your collection amazes!

john said...

thanks, this looks an interesting addition to Chicago solo sax.

Anonymous said...

Wallace with George Lewis 5tet @ Moers 79 can be found here: http://restinbits.blogspot.com/2009/11/george-lewis-quintet-homage-to-charlie.html

Anonymous said...

Hi Can someone repost this one?
I remember McMillan in a Muhal Richard Abrams Quartet with Baikida Carroll and Thurman Barker in the '80s. McMillan is a great player, it's a pity we have nothing about himself.

Anonymous said...

Please can someone post a reseed of this rarity, maybe the only one solo performance recorded by McMillan?

kinabalu said...

New Link:


Anonymous said...

Thank you kinabalu, all Riccardo's posts are very interesting and rare, lile I said I saw McMillan in Muhal's quartet in 1982, I was very young and this "new" music was very compelling, in those years I saw Rova, Hans Reichl, Bill Dixon the incredible Sun Ra Arkestra and so on.

DW said...

riccardo, kinabalu, thank you!!