15 January 2011

Harry Tavitian - East-West Creativ Combinations

Harry Tavitian - East-West Creativ Combinations

Harry Tavitian ... p,perc,fl,voice
Corneliu Stroe ... dr,perc,fl,voice
Reinhart Hammerschmidt ... b
Hans Kumpf ... cl

1) side A 16:13
2) side B/1 06:20
3) side B/2 13:40

total disc 36:15

live rec. at 1988 Costinesti Jazz Festival
(exact date needs research)

Leader Jazz Records ST 7001 (LP, Romania)
I got this LP from Harry personally, at the Budapest intl. Jazz Festival 1990 (14.07.90)

Following his words, this rare musical document is the first, if not the only independently produced LP of contemporary jazz in Romania, produced by Harry himself.
side A quotes "summertime" several times, on a quite detuned piano, but the music has magic spirit and oscillates effortlessly between experimental jazz, romanian folk, free improv... you name it.

flac > enjoy!


Owombat said...


onxidlib said...

Very interesting post!
My research has unveiled that the Costinesti Jazz Festival is always in August.

Harry Tavitian said...

That's right. The concert was on Aug 10, 1988.

edclusa said...

If there's any possibility to repost this, we would be very obliged - The Summertime Connection (edclusa@gmail.com)

edclusa said...

If you could somehow repost this, we would be very, very happy as it sounds as Summertime will be something special - The Summertime Connection (edclusa@gmail.com)

correct silence said...

Is there a chance for a re-up, I'm very curious and probably not the only one, about this record.
thanks in advance

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I'll try to locate the files or the CD-r here in my music room or on the external hd's.

correct silence said...

Ok Ernst great if you can!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Sorry but I haven't found any trace of this LP in my collection.
So we can only hope for some help............

corvimax said...

here is the original flac file

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Great - thanks for the link!!!

correct silence said...
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correct silence said...

fantastic, many thanks Corvimax.