5 January 2011

Gato Barbieri-Obsession 1967 (feat-J.F.Jenny- Clark,A.Romano)Affinity-lp,EAFF-12

Heres a unique if forgotten gem by Gato Barbieri , who's early playing is one of the marvels of .. the second wave of 60's free jazz.
Recorded during Barbieri's fecund Roman period whilst still a member of Don Cherry's fabulous group ... this  features the same ferociously inventive rythm section as "Togetherness".. one of Cherry's lesser known records...

Some confusion seems to exist regarding this session ,which is sometimes mistaken for 'In search of the mystery:" Barbieri's  ESP album, of the same year featuring very different versions of Michelle and Obsession #2 ..for my money good as In Search ... is, its the weaker session!

 Romano ,Jenny-Clark and Barbieri .. had also appeared  the previous year on the spectacular "Nuovo Sentimenti'by Giorgio Gaslini.. along with Cherry... strongly recommended it can be found on Gaslini's intergrale disc 4- Soul Note-121352/3-2..

This whole record  has the feel of having been flayed down in one take without a break ...then later Edited into 3 tracks.

Any fan of contemporary Brazilian saxophonist Ivo Perelman , will notice just how hard he must have listened to this and other 60's barbieri .. it definitely brings to mind  Sad life and Siero...
...but for the sound and my familiarity with Barbieri's inimitable tone , in a blind fold test i would almost certainly guess this as a  Perelman record
In Short a Masterful scorcher that ought to be heard and Cherished ..
thanks to Iain ,who turned nme onto this one 20 years ago ..and who's vinyl i have transferred..

I have to confess to liking all but the most over produced, and Disco-fied of Barbieri's records ...its a sprawling uneven oeuvre, but one containing many beauties and depths ,which are well worth seeking out.

-Obsession- : Gato Barbieri (ts) Jean-François Jenny-Clark (b) Aldo Romano (d)

Milan, May /June 1967

Obsession pt 1 Affinity (E)AFF12

Obsession pt 2 -



SOTISE said...
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Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing, SOTISE.

wightdj said...

I had fo0rgotten this session. Thanks.

gut said...

imo one of the best barbieri's, thanks for posting.

Clifford Allen said...

Oh yeah, a fine one indeed. Wish there was more out there (and maybe there is somewhere) from this session.

I like the ESP a lot, too, though.

unitstructure said...

thanks.the bluenote recordings with don cherry and the duo with dollar brand have been lifting me up for years.never knew about this one.

serviceton said...

Is good !!
Many Thanks

longbranch said...

Thanks, looks great, never managed to hear this before.

Sivad said...

Great Sotise!

Peter said...

Many thanks Sot!

I'm expecting this to be a real gut-pumper ... Forest & The Zoo style minus Cherry (or possibly minus Lacy). The same "rhythm section" as for Lacy on Monk two years later, a storming couple of musicians in any form.

Anonymous said...

unfortenally! this link is down (:

with lnx.lu (= 'Noch Single' ...)
I can't and will not be connected.

Hope you will uploading this GEMM


kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link, kinabalu!
greetings aljo

Anonymous said...

being relatively new to this blog - for starters a heartfelt thanks for every contributor's efforts

just like to point out for all those interested in a hard-copy (cd that is) that these sessions are relatively readily available - at least here in france

it makes out about half of "gato barbieri with dollar brand" - a title obviously not referring to these tracks but to the second half, another afinity title "hamba khale" - it's vol 15 of the 6th series of "les génies du jazz" - and that's one of these mags with disc deals - some jawdropping stuff in these series - way beyond what you would expect - the same could be said about the 'génies du rock' and 'génies du blues' series from the same publisher - looks they actually hired some connoisseurs - a lot of the charly/affinity catalogue in the jazz series for instance - but i'm drifting off

volumes in these series go for around 1€ on the many fleemarkets over here - not sure how you would lay your hands on them outside of france



apf said...

Thank you!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Lala García said...

Could you reupload, please?

kinabalu said...

New links:



Newmill Mark said...

Good old mega, file still active - and especially, good old you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this! anything with Jenny-Clark is vital listening in my book...