6 March 2011

Wolter Wierbos Trio - Montreal 1986

Wierbos - van Kemenade - Kuiper
Live in Montreal

live recording 1986-July-04
Festival International de Jazz Montreal

LP (1986) - Traction Avant 400

Wolter Wierbos, tb
Paul van Kemenade, as
Jan Kuiper, g

B1 - weird (PvK) 7:33
B2 - who the hell (PvK) 9:57
B3 - Mairobi (all) 6:30
A1 - Mister Monk (JK) 5:30
A2 - Pluis (JK) 6:18
A3 - Big River (JK) 9:45

total: 45:36

"... one of the few original moments of the festival, since this group had something else to say than almost anybody else." (Marc-A. Chenard, Coda 210, Oct/Nov 1986)

Owombat says: it appears from the musicians comments, that the concert started with the music on the B-side of the LP.



Owombat said...


onxidlib said...

Hi Owombat,

thanks for posting another unknown (for me) LP.


Phonemes said...

Thank you for the Wierbos trio.

The tracklisting on the album sleeve appears to be right after all. I can make out the introductions for "Pluis" and "Who The Hell" ("the second piece is entitled 'Who The Hell'").

Gerald said...

Is completely new to me too. Looks good! Thanks! Jerry

hugotruyens said...

Hi, thanks a lot. Any chance of uploading one of the original cd's of the trio ?
Take care

matt w said...

Also completely new to me and very nice, thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this rarity, owombat! always loved wierbos' down to earth approach on the trombone, and van kemenade all too rarely appears in blogs. inspired by this here i just posted his 1st quintet recording from 1984, also on traction avant.

NickS said...

I hope you still see comments on older posts.

I had a chance to listen to this album on my morning walk. What a terrific piece of music.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to hear it.

Daniel said...

Would love a re-up!