12 March 2011

Horace Tapscott - Hollywood 1978, NY 1979, Moers 1992,

Horace Tapscott Songs Of The Unsung Hollywood, California
February 18, 1978 Interplay IP-7714
Horace Tapscott p, Art Davis b, Roy Haynes dr.

1. Songs Of The Unsung
2. Blue Essence
3. Bakai
4. In Times Like These
5. Mary On Sunday
6. Lush Life
7. The Goat and Ram Jam
8. Something For Kenny


In New York - January 5, 1979 Interplay IP-7724

9. Akirfa
10. Lino's Pad
11. Sketches of Drunken Mary
12. If You Could See Me Now


Horace Tapscott Quartet - 21. International N ew Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany

Horace Tapscott (p), Michael Session (reeds), Roberto Miranda (b), Fritz Wise Cd)

1 The Giant Is Awakened 21:07
2 One For Lately 16:28
3 Humatu 12:39
4 The Dark Tree 10:22
5 LIttle Africa 7: 10


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mk said...

thanks very muc for this album

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these Tapscott recordings!

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Gus. I am even more excited about this earlier post than I was the last one. Tapscott always lifts my spirits.

onxidlib said...

Hi Gus,
thank you very much.

Horace Tapscott is always appreciated!!

JC said...

Thanks a lot for this one too.

Arcturus said...

wow! I have the IP vinyls, but have nevver seen this Moers concert - thank you so very very much, gus!

Arcturus said...

just wanted to add what a pleasure it is to see Michael Sessions in a quartet setting - he's a really fantastic sax player (s,a & t) who really has not been heard adequately

Ronald said...

Both of these Tapscott Interplay recordings have been reissued on CD

Alex said...

Hello, i'ts possible to have on Flac the Horace Tapscott Quartet - 21. International New Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany 1992 ? (Not the Interplay LP avalaible on CD).
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Could anyone do a REPOST?

ooftü said...

Is a re-up possible at this point? Really getting into Horace Tapscott, thanks for letting me discover him with the newest Moers upload!