26 March 2011


Another "lost" gem from the GDR - never reissued in Germany.
All compositions provided by one of the Kühn brothers except "Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock" (~ 'she resembles - no doubt - a rose tree'), which originally is a folksong.


Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Michael Urbaniak, soprano & tenor saxophone
Joachim Kühn, piano
Klaus Koch, bass
Czeslaw Bartkowski, drums

1. Minor Impressions (R.Kühn) 07:56
2. Solarius (R.Kühn) 06:15
3. Sie gleicht wohl einem Rosenstock (Volkslied) 06:29
4. Mountain Jump (J.Kühn) 06:35
5. Lady Orsina (R.Kühn) 06:22
6. Soldat Tadeusz (J.Kühn) 06:40

Recorded in Berlin (East), DDR.
Track 2,3,5 and 6 on 29th November, 1964.
Track 1 and 4 on 30th November, 1964

AMIGA 8 50 046 (LP)


onxidlib said...
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matt w said...

This is a nice session -- very much mellower than the one with Surman etc. and even than Impressions of New York.

archer said...

nice. much gratitude

Gerald said...

This is a collector's item! Thanks so much for posting it.

boogieman said...

Thanks a lot, these old AMIGA are not easy to find.
Excellent album.

wightdj said...

Good to hear Urbaniak before he quit reeds. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I've always had the impression that Joachim was more of a modernist than (older?) brother Rolf, and this early work continues to confirm that. I'll have to hear "Sunday Morning" on this blog next.

And per another poster's comment about Urbaniak on reeds, I believe he also worked in Krzysztof Komeda's group with Tomasz Stanko in the same timeframe...


Anonymous said...

Whoops, I meant to type "Monday Morning" in my last post - must have been the Ellington reference on that page, sorry ;-(


Daniel Cecil said...

This album is so very very good. Many thanks and so much gratitude for this seriously hip blog. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Not commented much but really appreciated

onxidlib said...

This LP is now reissued in Germany for about 10,- euro....more Amiga Jazz to follow...