26 March 2011

Beaver Harris 360° Music Experience - Live in La Spezia '79

Concert divided into two sets for the length.

Rec. live at "Teatro Civico", La Spezia, Italy, on June 22, 1979
(mix recording)

Makanda Ken McIntyre,alto sax,bassoon,oboe & flute (-3/5)
Grachan Moncur III,trombone (-3/4)
Rahn Burton,piano
Cameron Brown,bass
Beaver Harris,drums (-3/4/5)

1st set (1:16:15) :
01. Unknown (18:27)
02. Unknown (21:07)
03. Ismay My Mother [B.Harris] (08:10)
04. Charlette [K.McIntyre] (07:29)
05. I Wish I Knew [H.Warren/M.Gordon] (06:35)
06. Unknown (14:24)

2nd set (1:10:01) :
07. High Noon [K.McIntyre] (15:52)
08. Unknown (21:04)
09. Don't I [K.McIntyre] (13:37)
10. African Drums [B.Harris] (19:26)

Total Time 2:26:17

I Wish I Knew


riccardo said...

mp3 1st set (169 MB)

mp3 2nd set (155 MB)

flac 1st set (458 MB)

flac 2nd set (430 MB)

corvimax said...

great riccardo, many thanks

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo

Alec said...

Excellent recording and share! Thanks also for leaving the recording untouched (or at least what sounds like it.) I like the challenge of cleaning up recordings with the new software I have.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Riccardo,

when I was able to obtain the first 360° Music Experience I felt in love with his approach.

Arcturus said...

very happy to see this - & will no doubt be happier yet when I get to hear it - thanks, riccardo

JC said...

Thanks a lot.

Peter from Canada said...

Thanks - it's always nice to hear the underrated and under-recorded reedman Ken McIntyre.

riccardo said...

New flac links :

flac 1st set part1 (286 MB) flac 1st set part2 (173 MB)

flac 2nd set part1 (286 MB) flac 2nd set part2 (145 MB)

riccardo said...

New mp3 links

1st set (169 MB) :




2nd set (155 MB) :




-Otto- said...

Bulkang U. Antibop mentioned this set on a different blog earlier today. Now I'm glad I fount this blog entry here and I wonder if anyone would be able to resurrect riccardo's original flacs. TIA.

onxidlib said...

Should be somewhere on my hd - I'll take a look and re-up it.

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

Hey Otto! I should've asked if you were interested! I only have mp3 for this (above 300 bitrate), probably riccardo's. Until the flac's recovered, here they are:

Bulkang U. Antibop said...

There's another one from the start of this '79 European tour I'm going to put up in the "Contributions" sections soon.

-Otto- said...

Thank you very much, BUA! These mp3 files will be just fine for now. Glad you were able to find them. Now I'll enjoy the music and also practice the correct pronunciation of "Grachan" as modeled at the end of track 2 (although he doesn't seem to play on the track), the intro to track 3-5 (three ballads), and once again at the very end of set 2. Thanks!