25 March 2011


Recently uploaded by request for a Friend,another transcendent set by the great musical Alchemist/Shaman Tony Oxley who is one of our very favourites here at IS.
For me this is transformative ritual urban folk music ,for a decaying civilization.
FM BROADCAST in brutaly vivid ,superb sound quality..almost terrifying in its intensity.

Tony Oxley - Celebration Orchestra

Gütersloh, Germany,
Alte Weberei, Westfälisches Musikfest 1993

Alexandra Nauman, vocals
Phil Minton, vocals
Johannes Bauer, tromone
Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky, alto saxophone, clarinet
Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Phil Wachsmann, violin
Alex Kolkowski, violin
Marcio Mattos, cello 
Alfred Zimmerlin, cello
Hans Rempel, prepared-piano
Tony Oxley, drums
Stefan Hölker, drums 
Joe Thönes, drums
Pat Thomas, electronics 
Matt Wand, electronics

1 The Triple Cabinet Of The Triad 72:37
2 Announcement Speaker 1:51

TT:  74:28

Check Oxley's Bio and Discog.

Originally downloaded as a torrent from Dime-a-Dozen, thanks to the original taper,seeder, traders.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great discovery and many others. You've vastly improved my sound universe.
...Tom F.

onxidlib said...

Hi Sotise,

this is an extraordinary concert - for me it belongs easily to the best music Oxley has ever made - and I know almost everything he has recorded plus some.

Thank you!

One minor correction : the title is "The Triple Cabinet Of The Triad" and not "...Tried".

This is what the announcer says plus there is another evidence in the first book which is only about Tony Oxley >
"Ulrich Kurth
The 4th Quarter of the Triad.
Tony Oxley
Fünf Jahrzehnte improvisierter Musik"
> http://www.wolke-verlag.de/tony-oxley.html
(only in german)

glmlr said...

For anyone who doesn't know this, it is a serious mind-bender. Well chosen, Sotise.

SOTISE said...

yeah folks this is the Buisness , large scale free music doesnt get much better than this..

..hopefully that book will get translated , and a wider distribution....

a pity Oxley and Minton have never recorded in duo , i always hoped they would.

SOTISE said...

Tom F,.. If you like this ,consider buying 'The Enchanted Messenger' on Soul Note , its still available.. and good as this is , that record has an overwhelming potentcy.. that is unique to it .
Soul Note 121284-2

onxidlib said...

"The Enchanted Messenger" with Bill Dixon on trumpet...mmmmmhhh ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Frédito said...

Thank you Sotise.
The beginning is eminently arresting.
This concert, what a trip. Loads of exquisite moments.

wightdj said...

Good to hear this, thanks.

matt w said...

Another enthusiastic vote for buying *The Enchanted Messenger* -- one of the best large-orchestra versions of the free-improvisation aesthetic (whatever that means!) I've ever heard. If you heard the Celebration Orchestra album on Dossier, imagine something like that but even better.

Phonemes said...

Thank you for posting this. I thought it was excellent, and like so much I find here, totally new for me. I took the advice and ordered "The Enchanted Messenger".

sotise said...

Phonemes..Good for you, you wont be dissapointed!..this is among our civilisation's peak exhaltaion's ..and deserves support finacial support!

JC said...

thanks very much for this. Missed it elsewhere. The comments indicate it will be most enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

i dont see the magics of Foxley...he doesn't stop when he begin to play, the micros on the drums ar turned high (his bulldog works out the mind of ALL sound engineers while controling all around her) and he doesnt respect the music of other artists. he was perhaps good on the 60 ...now there are few people who wants to perform with him? ...except for CT. But everybody knows why this happens...Oxley loves money NOT music

Anonymous said...

I've got Tony's 'Tomorrow Is Here' and this sounds like it may be even better. Unfortunately all four links are '404'. Any chance of a re-up?


Gerald said...

I would be so grateful if this were one of the sets you could re-post. I saw a version of this group a year or two later at the Berlin Jazz Festival and it was one of the shows around that time that opened my ears to new music.



Anonymous said...

having difficulty getting this - does not appear to be a link to the music

Phil Woodruff said...

help - can not seem to get this - can you re-post on rapidshare?

SOTISE said...

Here it is again

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the repost! It feels like Christmas!


james wood said...

Thanks for the re-post! Got it yesterday. Briefly I once met Tony on the lower east side of New York on the street. We talked for a while and he invited me to the Knitting factory for a week long gig with Cecil Taylor being filmed for european tv. I asked him if he was going to use electronics with Cecil. Tony's response was that you have to go slow with Cecil. As well he told me that he had paid 75 quid recently for a copy of his Icnos RCA lp. He had lost his only copy and replaced it.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Sotise for the reup. I am very much looking forward to hearing this.


Oxzo said...

Awesome show, thanks Andy! One of the first burns I've played in the clown's new tent. Tremendous stuff; I don't even mind Phil Minton, who I respect but usually can't get into- Time for a re-evaluate?
Met Mr.Ox once, and he was friendly and totally cool!Always was jealous of those haircuts Jeff Beck,Ronnie Wood,Rod, Barry Guy and Oxley sported!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


paul_k said...

www.imagenetz.de anyone? Thank you.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...