31 March 2011


I remember hearing it for the first time ... The Voice ...


Demetrio Stratos, vocal
Paolo Tofani, synthesizer

1. Segmenti Uno 03:38
2. Segmenti Due 04:06
3. Segmenti Tre 04:00
4. Segmenti Quattro 04:33
5. Mirologhi 1 (Lamento D'Epiro) 04:13
6. Metrodora 08:57
7. Mirologhi 2 (Lamento D'Epiro) 04:14

Recorded at Fono Roma-Milano Sound Recording spa/Milano.
Released 1976.

CRAMPS CRSLP 6205 DIVerso n.5
(japanese version POCE-1197)



onxidlib said...


woland said...

He was THE voice.
Thank you!

new bee said...

You can hear audible clicks on track no. 4. If not too difficult, please re-rip. Thanks.

onxidlib said...

I'll check it tomorrow.

ramirez said...

Many thanks, but Track 4 is damaged, please repost it

onxidlib said...

I have downloaded "Metrodora" and found no fault or damage in track 4.

Please specify the error !

Anonymous said...

Yes, here the check:
from 4'13'' to 4'15" strong clicks;
from 4'16" to 4'19" no sound;
4'20" sound restarts regular 'til the end.

Anyhow, many thanks again

onxidlib said...

I have found the clicks and the silence.

Here is the link for the track 4 in full glory.


Anonymous said...

Well done, all perfect now :-)