31 March 2010

Dean-Trovesi Double Quartet - Freedom in Jazz (MJCD 1142)

To celebrate the historical recording "Free Jazz" by Ornette Coleman's
Double Quartet the Italian magazine Musica Jazz co-produced with
National Radio III Channel a special project: a double quartet, jointly
led by G.Trovesi and E.Dean, was recorded live in Rome (exactly forty
years after the historical recording) in a tribute to the Free Jazz manifesto.
The CD was covermounted with the magazine July 2001 issue.

Recorded live & mixed at "Sala B del Centro di Produzione Radiofonia
di via Asiago", Rome, Italy, on December 21-22, 2000

Elton Dean,alto sax & saxello
Gianluigi Trovesi,alto sax & clarinet
Jim Dvorak,pocket trumpet
Massimo Greco,trumpet
Paul Rogers,bass
Marco Micheli,bass
Mark Sanders,drums
Fulvio Maras,percussion

1. In Time...No Time...Ad Lib [G.Trovesi] (26:28)
2. Boundaries / Basho (32:04)
2a Boundaries [E.Dean] (20:00)
2b Basho [E.Dean] (12:04)
3. Baghèt / Itzaroma (08:35)
3a Baghèt [G.Trovesi] (04:00)
3b Itzaroma [E.Dean] (04:35)

Total Time 1:07:08


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wightdj said...

Wow, that is a very special session. Dean was not as recognized as he should have been, Trovesi is a master, and the concept of celebrating an Ornette milestone is appropriate. Thanks for this rarity.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing.