31 March 2010

Abdullah Ibrahim-(featuring,D.Cherry, J.Tchicai, B.Phillips,G.Barbieri)3-8-1968 Hamburg- Mono SBD

For those who have requested and are enjoying the wealth of fabulous South African music posts lately, here's another Epic Show from Hamburg .
Not Much provenance on this one, which purports to be a soundboard, beautiful music though.
And Certainly some of Ibrahim's most challenging music!
There seems to be no information about this concert online anywhere , its not even mentioned in Kassman's list of unofficial D.Cherry recordings.
"Hamba Khale" and the "aloe and the wild rose" also appeared on the Barbieri, Ibrahim collaboration 'confluence' ( freedom lp 28-467-9-u)from the same year, the reccuring tracks are almost precisely the same length's as the lp versions and coincidentally also in Mono.
Jabulani is a Beautiful John Tchicai, tune which first officially appeared on Roswell Rudd's self titled lp (AM 6114) and was frequently performed in concert by the original New York Art Quartet.
Heres a link to Ibrahim's Website for biographical info, and a line on his many available recordings.
Abdullah Ibrahim 3-8-1968 Hamburg, Germany

Source: Sound Board ?

Abdullah Ibrahim- piano
don cherry-tpt
John Tchicai- reeds
GatoBarbieri- reeds
Barre Phillips- bass
Makaya Ntshoko- drums.

01. Hamba Kahle 2:4002.
Announcement 0:4403.
The Aloe and the Wild Rose 14:1204.
Announcement 0:3505.
Portrait of a Bushman (omit Tchicai & Barbieri) 7:3606.
Announcement 0:2607.
Jabulani 6:4808.
Title 9:5609.
Title 10:55
Total time 69:25
Thanks to who ever recorded this , and to BlueNote 2005 ,who shared it on Dime-A-Dozen


SOTISE said...
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bongomccongo said...

awesome post Sotise!. I occasionally drop by and the South African posts have been special. Firstly , It's only recently I've become aware of all these great names - Johnny Dyani, Dudu Pukwani. A big thanks for "african bass"; "diamond Express" and some engrossing information on this scene from the seventies , late sixties.

Anonymous said...

Is this 8th March or 3rd August? I'd be grateful if anyone could enlighten me. Thanks.

SOTISE said...

@glmlr, beats me , but i think the Dime sharer is American so i'd guess 8 th of march!
no other indications at all.

corvimax said...

Abdullah Ibrahim and Don Cherry, very tasty, thank you

in march Don Cherry was in Germany, a date also in Frankfurt, so probably is march

Anonymous said...

Well, given this is mono I'd assume that it's a FM capture by someone who had rather bad reception and therefore switched to mono to avoid hiss (which comes naturally with low FM signals). Anyway, thanks for sharing this and all other gems,

CHerrmann57 (from Germany)

david_grundy said...

great post - as ever - thanks! looks like the last three tracks are from different sessions, as we can see from this website: http://www.rapidshareindex.com/Abdullah-Ibrahim-fka-Dollar-Brand-Three-Studio-Sessions-1968-72-_382492.html. The Hamburg broadcast covers tracks 1-7; tracks 8-9 are with Radiojazzgruppen conducted by Palle Mikkleborg (including a composition played on the album 'African Space Program'); and the final track is a trio with Don Cherry and Carlos Ward, recorded in Copenhagen in 1972.

Arcturus said...

that's one hell of a monster band there - many many thanks for this sotise!

Gato Medio said...

I was just about to download this show when I realized that it looked familiar. So I checked my HD and there it was. Apparently I have picked this up from dime some time ago, did some further research, packaged the whole thing up and posted the result in a few places. The link posted by david_grundy points to a clone of my post. You asked for further information, so here's what I found out. Firstly, there was a comment by dahoun at dime, identifying the unidentified tracks and breaking the recording into three different sessions. He gives the source as FM.
BigOzine "disambiguates" the date by spelling out the month - it was 8 March. They also claim that the recording is" ex SBD stereo" (!) Link: http://www.bigozine2.com/tradelist/jazzlist.html
And then there is David Royko (link: http://www.geocities.com/davidroyko/cdrLIST.html) who gives the same breakdown into three different sessions as dahoun did, but also adds the broadcast dates.

I hope this information clarifies a few things.
And thanks for the many, many excellent posts of yours that I picked up without leaving a thank you.

just duets said...


thanks 4 this. i left u a long message at the Dyani/music for xaba post, clarifying the number of titles and number of files for the Rejoice / Cadillac record with the same musicians.

mario said...

many many thanks for this excellent post

David Royko said...

I just saw this -- and since my (old and long-gone) "live recordings" web page was cited above, but died when geocities died, here's the listing I had for this recording:

IBRAHIM, ABDULLAH: 1968, 1969, 1972. Hamburg & Copenhagen. 1CD. FM/TV>tape reels>CD-R. [1-7 (33"): "A SOUTH AFRICAN SKETCHBOOK" (suite in four movements) Hamburg, March 1968; 1. Humba Ka-Shlek (A Greeting); 2. Dollar Brand Introduction; 3. The Aloe And The Wild Rose; 4. Dollar Brand Introduction; 5. A Portrait Of A Bushman; 6. Dollar Brand Introduction; 7. Jabulani (Joy); DOLLAR BRAND: piano; JOHN TCHICAI: alto sax; GATO BARBIERI: tenor sax; BARRE PHILIPS: bass; MAKAYA NTSHOKO: drums; This recording is the result of a workshop in Hamburg. It was recorded for German TV. 8-9 (25"): w/ RADIOJAZZGRUPPEN UNDER THE DIRECTION OF PALLE MIKKELBORG, Copenhagen, December 1969; 8. Tokai 9. Tintiyana; track 8 is a solo performance; track 9 is with a Big Band recorded for Danish radio. Broadcast date was December 20, 1969. 10 (11"): DOLLAR BRAND/DON CHERRY/CARLOS WARD, "Afterbeat" Studio Session, Copenhagen, November 1972; 10. ?; DOLLAR BRAND: piano; DON CHERRY: trumpet; CARLOS WARD: alto sax & flute; Broadcast date for this radio session was November 23, 1972.]

Soer9317 said...

Hey. I'm looking for the Abdullah Ibrahim Hamburg session, March 1968, but all links have stopped working. Does anyone know were this phenomenal session can be found?
Thank you in advance.

kinabalu said...
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Luc Mosley said...

Thanks so much for the re-up! I know I will love this one!

toci said...

Thanks for the re-up.

Anonymous said...


JP said...

I downloaded this a couple weeks ago and I've really been enjoying it. Abdullah Ibrahim makes really beautiful music. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the re-ups.

aboynamedstew said...

yeah, i also wanna say thanks for the re-ups, across the spectrum from Viva Black to Lol Coxhill and beyond. this is a great blog.

Lala García said...

Could you reupload, please?

kinabalu said...

New links:



-Otto- said...

Thanks for the original post, all the additional clarifications and pieces of information, and thanks for the re-up too. Thank you all!

-Otto- said...

OK, I did some digging and found out that for track 10 we also have a bit of Don Cherry's composition "Tantra" in there. It is from approximately 6:00 to 8:50 (when "Bra Joe..." starts). The entire "Tantra" piece can be found - in a different recording - on the JCOA LP Relativity Suite (1975). It should still be available on Lucky Locus.

So, my educated guess for the compositions on track 10 is now:

10. (interview bit at the beginning) ->
Waya Wa Egoli ->
The Pilgrim ->
Tantra ->
Bra Joe from Kilimanjaro (10:55)

Correct me, if I'm wrong.

Newmill Mark said...

This is absolutely fantastic, so glad the mega link still worked - thanks very much indeed. A video is on youtube of one of the tunes, and is very cool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwJRIiuJzIk