30 March 2010

Steve Lacy & Mal Waldron - Live in Basel '85

From the depth of "Ilario's archive", one of
the greatest and classic Duo of all the eighties.

Rec. live in Basel, Switzerland, on April 19, 1985
(mics recording)

Steve Lacy,soprano saxophone
Mal Waldron,piano

1. Let's Call This [T.Monk] (07:00)
2. Blinks [S.Lacy] (09:42)
3. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing [B.Strayhorn] (08:53)
4. Unknown (11:54)
5. Snake Out [M.Waldron] (21:30)
6. Epistrophy [T.Monk] (07:10)

Total Time 1:06:11


riccardo said...

mp3 (147 MB) :


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Miklos said...

Very much appreciated! The **greatest** duo of the eighties!

Musaklee said...

Astonishing! Many thanks... It's really beautiful and the sound quality is magnificent. Cheers!

Giovetta said...

thanks a lot for the wonderful music!
Could the "unknown" be Esteem?

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks.
Look forward to listening to this.
Two of the great ones!

Lexman said...

thanks a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Please make this available again.

JC said...

An adventurous set.

In thanks to their (and others') efforts here's a repost of Ilario's gift by way of Riccardo (still missed). These are the original split flac archive (now bundled into two zips to reduce the number of links to click).



Anonymous said...

Ahh thank you thank you so much!!! I can't wait to hear the 20 minute Snake Out!@! - John

jawn john said...

Very nice stuff. Any more obscure Waldron live? I had a nice audience mics recording from a Mal live show about 15 years ago that was sent to me on CD by a Swiss doctor but I lost CD in transition unfortunately. Anyway much obliged.

jawn john said...

One of the best recordings in my entire collection. This is as good if not better than any official Waldron / Lacy release in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! You website is still a pleasure after all those years. Happy new year too.

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