25 March 2010

Billy Bang Sextet - Live in Moers '80

This time i want to exagerrate : two Ali on drums!

Rec. live at the "9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 24, 1980 (mics recording)

Billy Bang,violin
Lawrence "Butch" Morris,cornet
Curtis Clark,piano
Wilber Morris,bass
Muhammad Ali & Rashid Ali,drums

1. Track #1 (16:13)
2. Track #2 (18:22)
3. Track #3 (11:37)
4. Track #4 [inc.] (14:33)

Total Time 1:00:46


riccardo said...
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Alfred said...

2 Ali's and 2 Morris'. This is a phenomenal line-up!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear it (that's true of almost all your shares). thanks!

hookfinger said...

Damn - Thank you so much - awesome show.

SOTISE said...

Yeah Riccardo , wow this looks so Fine, i agree with anonymous!...your's and Illarios archive .. is hugely important , we can only look on in disbelief!!... what anyone else posts here is icing on a very rich cake..
i'm taking a break for a while lest i get indigestion ...
thank you again!!

Arcturus said...

O yea! BB is another I simply can't hear enough of . . . many thanks yet again, riccardo . . .

Bruce the Moose said...

Just FYI - The first time I unpacked part 1, track 3 was broken. When I tried unpacking the same download a second time, track 3 was good.

Also, for part 2, two unpacks resulted in two broken track 3's. But part 2 seems to duplicate files that are on part 1. What is the purpose of part 2?

The above is NOT to indicate that I'm ungrateful. Much thanks for making all this music available.

riccardo said...

@ Bruce the Moose

you need both parts for unpacking!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness this is absolutely unbelievable! THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

chance to re-up this double ali-session?
would be nice!!
thank you!

kinabalu said...

New link:


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!!