22 March 2010

Afro Algonquin - Live in Moers '80

Probably much people don't know the Rozie brothers
although they have been active in creative music till
our days. For istance reedist Lee (now Mixashawn)
is a member of the great Dave Douglas' project
"Don Cherry's Symphony For Improvisers".
BTW an opportunity for listening, one more time,
to the late Rashied Ali.
The picture above is the LP's cover the trio recorded
in studio, few days later, for Moers Music (clearly OOP).

Rec. live at the "9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 24, 1980 (mics recording)

"Mixashawn" Lee Rozie,tenor & soprano saxophones
Edward “Rick” Rozie,bass
Rashied Ali,drums

1. Afro Algonquin/Connecticut (17:15)
2. Dog Soldier (36:12)
3. Unknown Encore (09:28)

Total Time 1:02:56


riccardo said...

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Alfred said...

Thank you Riccardo, love the shows from the Moers festival you have put up!

Arcturus said...

Fantastic, riccardo! More Ali is always welcome, I've long enjoyed Rick Rozie's playing & you've now taken care of a long neglected item on one of my to-do-lists, which was to find out more (i.e. "something' - 'anything!') about Mixashawn, whose playing in the D Douglas band that I've heard really really appealed . . .

roberto t. said...

Well, speaking of great drummers and unfindable records, I wonder if anyone has the Phillip Wilson quartet live at Moers (with Frank Lowe). Moers Records never answered my request, though the LP seems to be on their catalogue, but no cd reissue.

upkerry14 said...

I have these, let me know if anyone would like them:
Beaver Harris / Don Pullen Quintet Venue Unknown Feldkirch Austria October 30, 1982 Lee Rozie (ts, ss) Don Pullen (p) Cameron Brown (b) Francis Haynes (steel dr) Beaver Harris (dr) Total: 53:44 Aud (1290)
Lee + Rick Rozie - Afro Algonquin + Doug Hammond 1981-September-22 Brussels, Belgium, 1981 Lee Rozie (aka Mixashawn),ts,ss,shenai,voc Rick Rozie,b,voc Doug Hammond,dr,voc Lineage: audience Sound Rating: Sound Board A- (1751)

riccardo said...

@ upkerry14

I believe that both would be of sure interest here!

Arcturus said...

upkerry14: I'll second riccardo here - both would be of great interest - esp the 2nd Afro Algonquin date

SOTISE said...

Bill , id love to hear more Afro Algonquin.. this concert is great (thanks Riccardo) i've never heard the group before.. never had the official Moers release... great stuff..
i do remember Rick Rozie from Barry Altschul, and Anthony Davis records ... the first soul note album i ever Bought was "for Stu" 1979 it had that... Great A Davis piece.. "sleepwalker"... beautiful .. piece with ray anderson a real gem on bone..

Solomon said...

Thank you.

francisco santos said...

re post, please !...
THX !...

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty interesting.. can i ask for a repost too???

shooby said...

any chance of a repost of this?