21 March 2010

Atté - Sondela (feat. Dudu Pukwana)

One thing can lead to another. The last Dudu Pukwana post was based on a request and as a token of appreciation for our response Robert from the UK offered this blog yet another Pukwana-related recording. This one is a genuine obscurity and not even featured in Wallofsound's extensive discography. Well, actually it is, but you have to plow down to the comments section to spot it, to comments 7 - 9.

This was out on an Irish folk label, Calagh Records. The core is a South African vocal quartet which does a mix of traditional songs and newer tunes composed by Pukwana and fellow Blue Notes member Mongezi Feza. For accompaniment, Dudu has brought along his regular crew and solos alongside Atté on several of the tunes. Others are finely rendered accapella versions. Listeners well-known with African songs and the Blue Notes may easily recognise "Malaika" and the title tune, composed by Mongezi Feza. Altogether, a delightful album.

For details on each tune, please consult the scans of the back sleeve in the files attached to this post in the comments section.

The tunes:

01 Suganga
02 Malaika
03 Suliram
04 Nomeva
05 Sithi Gwaza
06 Sondela
07 Ngomso
08 Soon One Morning
09 Siphamandla
10 Saduva

Atté are:

Sonia Bonolo Lekhela,
Lindiwe Thonko Conco,
Tiny Neliswa Conco,
Mphiwa Yengwa


Dudu Pukwana (keyboards, alto sax),
Churchill Jolobe (drums, percussion),
Ernest Mothle (bass),
Sello Josh Makhene (congos),
Frank Roberts (keyboards).

Produced by John Wood, Rec in March 1977 for Claddagh Records.

Robert has reportedly more aces up his sleeve, so we're only too anxious to find out what may come next.


kinabalu said...
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dabulamanzi said...

Nice one...

Wallofsound said...

Yes it is a real rarity. Never heard this before and never seen a copy. I thought I had added it to the discography after the comment. Not sure what happened there, but I'll add it in now.

Many thanks kimabalu for making me feel like a proper complete-ist!

Red Number 9 said...

Did anyone dancing to Spear at the ANC benefit nights at the 100 Club know that this was released? Did Dudu need a manager? Thanks for this.

matt said...

kinabalu...very stange as this cover scan is from my LP!!! respect.

amnesia said...

For practical reasons the cover scan is from your link on the wallofsound Pukwana discography, with thanks. The rear scans are from my copy purchased in Collet's Folk record shop (not the jazz shop!)in London's Charing Cross Road many years ago.

Bhowani said...

atté - Sondela

thanks a lot, kinabalu ! I'm listening to it only now (!) and it's full of positive vibes. Marvelous groovy record !

kinabalu said...

New link:


Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello there !

I would be very curious to listening to this............cold re-up?
Thanx anyway
Love from Italy

matoga said...

Any possibility of a re-up?

matoga said...

Also anyone who can post flac version Dudu Pukwana - Yi Yole.