20 March 2010

Myra Melford & Marty Ehrlich - Live in Genoa '06

"Playing as a duo since 2000, Marty Ehrlich and Myra Melford have
been proving for some years what a number of jazz musicians are just
beginning to appreciate; given the right understanding and approach,
less can be more. The paired down effect of just their two instruments
playing off each other leaves room for the listener's imagination to fill
in all the spaces they have so artfully placed into context."

Rec. live at "Teatro Gustavo Modena", Genoa, Italy,
on November 24, 2006 (mix recording)

Myra Melford,piano
Marty Ehrlich,reeds,flute

1. Be Melting Snow [M.Melford] (08:18)
2. Through The Same Gate [M.Melford] (09:07)
3. Images Of Time [A.Hill] (07:24)
4. March Fantastique [M.Ehlrich] (10:16)
5. A Generation Comes And Another Goes [M.Melford] (06:52)
6. Up Do [R.Holcomb] (05:49)
7. Hymn [M.Ehlrich] (12:03)
8. Don’t You Know [O.Spann] (04:55)
9. Natural World [R.Holcomb] (06:32)

Total Time 1:11:18


Mr. Stu said...

Thanks for all your incredible efforts. Just a tiny correction: that should be Robin Holcomb as composer on Up Do and Natural World.
Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

pasquale said...

UnRar asks for a "part5"...

riccardo said...

i apologize pasquale...

mp3 (159 MB) :


flac (403 MB) :





Byablue said...

Thanks for your amazing blog and for all the effort you put into keeping this important music alive. This is a great concert from first note to last, with quite a different ambiance from the two concerts released on CD - in some ways a little more intimate. Sounds like 'Hymn' was the last number they played, even though it's sequenced earlier here.

riccardo said...

@ Byablue

probably the last two tracks are encores.

jackalope said...

Thank you for posting this delightful concert. I only have a copy of "Spark" to compare it to but it seems to me that they play it a little looser live and there is real musical chemistry between them. The duo recordings Marty made with Muhal Richard Abrams and Mike Nock are a pleasure as well, but something special happens when he gets together with Myra!

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff. thanks a million