27 August 2011


Virtuosic and swift - four leading members of european Free Improvised Music.
Paired on this OOP CD with a bit more than twenty minutes music of an underrecorded ensemble - the late S.M.E.



Evan Parker, soprano saxophone
Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium
Barry Guy, bass, electronics
John Stevens, percussion, voice

1. 1,4,4, (04:33)
2. 2,4,4, (11:05)
3. 3,4,4, (07:45)
4. 4,4,4, (18:25)
5. 5,4,4, (01:42)

Recorded in London, October 4, 1979, at Riverside Studios.
Originally as VIEW VS 0011
Note: date given by Evan Parker; on Cover as August 1979.


Nigel Coombes, violin
Roger Smith, acoustic guitar
John Stevens, drums, mini-trumpet

6. Surfaces (23:10)

Recorded in London, August 18, 1992 at Watershed Studios.




onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

thanks, onxidlib - a great "lost" release!

the german konnex label has some true hidden gems on their catalogue, sadly most of it is oop. i tried to contact them, because on the homepage they still have stuff to sell - but no reply.

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to Evan Parker in a long time... thanks for reminding me... thanks very much!

emelt said...

Nice. Thanks.

Musaklee said...

It's so kind of you. Many thanks. Saw (for the first time !) E. Parker live this spring in Montreal. It blew my mind. Played pieces from his "whitstable solo" (psi 10.01). Love Rutherford also (who died 3 weeks ago in 2007). Thanks you for this one. Thank you. Sincerely.

onxidlib said...

Thank you for your comments.

Got some better information - see posting.

The Haunter said...

This is so cool. Great quartet.

kinabalu said...

Always nice having some John Stevens on here. I have posted some more Stevens in the past (for those who want to have a look) and will post more in the future (basically 70s recordings).

roberto t. said...

What's curious about 4,4,4,4 is that when it came out some of the musicians on the session were not happy with it (Parker I remember). I wonder if they changed their opinion now. As for the other, is that half of the wonderful LP by this trio?

onxidlib said...

The SME recording was made at the studio - but never released prior to the Konnex CD.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, onxidlib, for the reup! One can never have enough of any of these players. I'm looking forward to the possibility of seeing the John Stevens Away albums. Or, for that matter, any John Stevens.


akaboshi14 said...

onxidlib, could you re-post this, please?

Andy said...

The Stevens, Rutherford, Parker, Guy pieces are now on 'One Four and Two Twos' (Emanem 5027) along with extra duo tracks from Rutherford and Guy, and Stevens and Parker. The SME track from the Konnex issue now features in improved sound and longer on Spontaneous Music Ensemble 'New Surfacing' (Emanem 5030).

akaboshi14 said...

Thanks for the information, Andy.