25 August 2011

DAVE DOUGLAS NEW JAZZ MEETING November 20, 1998 Tollhaus Karlsruhe, Germany

Track List (1:04:11):
1. Introductions - 3:04
2. Lewinsky March - 9:04
3. Song Introduction - 1:04
4. Episode for Taslima Nasrin - 8:09
5. One More News - 17:39
6. Woman at Point Zero - 12:54
7. Mamuse, Ma Muse? - 12:14

Dave Douglas - trumpet
Louis Sclavis - clarinet, saxophones
Rabih Abou-Khalil - oud
Michel Godard - tuba, serpent
Vincent Courtois - cello
Mark Feldman - violin
Nabil Khaiat - frame drum
Jim Black - drums

SWR digital radio broadcast

DRB >DAT at 48 kHz >DAT clone >.wav via S/PDIF and M-Dio 2448 digital soundcard >CoolEdit Pro 2.0 >CD Wave >CDR >EAC (secure) >FLAC Frontend (level 6, SBE OK)

Received from source, who made the recording to DAT, labelled as "part one." I have never come across a part two.

Although also given as digital broadcast, the frequency analysis shows no dip in the high frequencies, so although the bitrate was not given it is surely exceptionally high and demonstrates a lossless source.


Bill said...


no pass

agmosk said...

Thank You! Looks good.

emelt said...

Looks great! Thanks!

NickS said...

What a group.

Phonemes said...

Thank you, what a great concert!

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, upkerry14

mew23 said...

Second part of the concert

1. Hommage à Lounès Matoub (40:17)
2. Business As Usual (05:28)
3. [Encore] (10:59)

Digital radio broadcast 192kb/48kHz, converted to WAV(44.1)


Anonymous said...

Amazing group of musicians! Thank you and to mew23 thank you for part 2.

wightdj said...

Great stuff. Thanks for both. I've caught Douglas and Sclavis together in different configurations. A good match.

matt w said...

Looks fantastic! I've heard Douglas/Sclavis on CD in a small group (Bow River Falls) but matching them up with Abou-Khalil/Godard etc. looks like genius.

doghouse said...

Thanks Bill - Thanks mew23 - much appreciated - Fred

JD said...

Fooking fantastic. Love DD, love Rabih - has to be a killer!!! Thanks upkerry and mew23....

Kndnsk said...

Thank you, you two. This looks great.

Please note, mew, if you have the original mp2 signal, there is no point in converting to wave, really, it just makes for a much bigger file without improving quality.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks both. What a nice way to spend a saturday evening.

E-mile said...

hi Bill, I hate to ask, but could you re-up this one? multiupload is way dead [;-)

mew23 said...

New links

jim said...

Hello mew, what a surprise and both parts WOW! Thank you sir for making this available again very much appreciated. Can't wait to dig in.

E-mile said...

thanks a zillion for the new links!