30 August 2011

Brotherhood of Breath live at Siegendorff 1975

This is a one-hour excerpt from a BoB concert in Siegendorff in Austria on 11 July 1975. The final track in this set is unfortunately faded out before the end and I've no idea whether there were more tunes, but I have a hunch there might have been.

The line-up is not entirely certain, but quite possibly similar to the BoB line-up at the Willisau concert the same year. I've added Harry Beckett as he was playing on both 1975 gigs featured on the "Bremen to Bridgwater" cd released by Cuneiform, so there is a likelihood that he is on this gig as well though one cannot be entirely sure (unless one can pick him out from the audio). New to BoB is Bruce Grant on baritone sax, stepping in for John Surman, one might say. He also appeared on the "French" version of BoB on "Yes Please" which we have posted here earlier.

There was no set list given when this was posted on the Dime network, so I've had to reconstruct the list by listening to the tunes and crosschecking with other BoB albums. Interestingly, many of the tunes here were never released in a studio version, might not even have been recorded, but were regulars in the BoB live repertoire. From what I've been able to find out, these are the tunes:

01. warming up + Ismite is Might (Chris McGregor) (16:10)
02. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (Chris McGregor) (10:48)
03. Untitled original (Mike Osborne) (8:10)
04. Tunji's Song (Tunji Oyelana) (6:18)
05. Mra (Dudu Pukwana) (12:24)
06. Kongi's Theme (Chris McGregor) (cut off) (4:55)

The third tune was never given a title, but according to information from the "Bremen to Bridgwater" double cd, was written by Mike Osborne and appears as the final track on cd1, recorded at Bridgwater earlier that year. Nice to hear the anthem-like "Ismite is Might", appearing at roughly at the 11-minute mark on the first track here, after a false start of "Mra".


Chris McGregor - piano
Dudu Pukwana - reeds
Mike Osborne - reeds
Evan Parker - reeds
Elton Dean - reeds
Bruce Grant - reeds
Mongezi Feza - trumpet
Marc Charig - trumpet
Harry Beckett - trumpet
Nick Evans - trombone
Radu Malfatti - trombone
Harry Miller - bass
Louis Moholo - drums

This is an audience recording. The sound is fairly good, and the BoB is at their shambolic best, as always.


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Pic Is from nancy Jazz Pulsations, October 1975, taken from the "Bremen to Bridgwater" cd.

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