13 August 2011

John Carter All Stars - Live in Middleheim '79

The same line-up and the same program of the Roman concert,
even the same date! (What will be the right one?).

Rec. live at "Middelheim Jazz", Antwerpen, Belgium, on August 16, 1979
(mics recording)

John Carter
James Newton,flute
Bobby Bradford,trumpet
Bob Stewart,tuba
Phillip Wilson,drums

1. B.L.'s Delight (24:58)
2. Petals (10:01)
3. Woodman's Hall Blues (16:24)
4. Abstractions For Three Lovers (12:54)
5. Circle (14:46)
6. Encounter [encore] (07:32)

Total Time 1:26:38

All compositions by J.Carter.



riccardo said...

mp3 (191 MB)

flac (477 MB)

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, riccardo. I do love carter's playing and compositions.

Arcturus said...

absolutely thrilled to hear more from this great line-up - many thanks again, riccardo!

trane said...

Thanks for another great recording riccardo - unfortunately I am unable to help with the date, although sometimes two concerts were held on the same day (afternoon and evening for example)

serviceton said...

A Rome afternoon concert and then Middleheim (Antwerp) in the evening would be pretty unlikely. The date for this and the Rome concert are probably wrong. This same quintet recorded 'Variations' for Moers on August 15 in Dusseldorf. The following day [August 16] in the same studio, Carter made his spellbinding solo clarinet 'Suite of Early American Folk Pieces' record.
August 1979 [sometime]is almost certainly right though.
But never mind the dry details - what music !! . .
Thank you riccardo. I shall always hold you in the highest esteem.
It's a thrill.

riccardo said...

i think the Middleheim date is correct (only 200 km from Antwerp to Düsseldorf), probably the Roman date is 17/18.

serviceton said...

Recorded a whole album on the 15th, and another on the 16th in Dusseldorf, travelled 2+ hrs to Antwerp, played the gig that night. Next night on to Rome..
It's possible.. Brutal workload though

serviceton said...

I had another listen (properly).
Riccardo, this is the same gig as the 'Rome' one!
This version has a little more of Carter's announcements - like the pre-amble to Woodman's Hall Blues.
And the noise-reduction used here creates a 'congested' sort of sound.
But the music is exactly the same.
From the accent of the MC at the start, I think Antwerp, not Roma..
Rough sound - great gig

riccardo said...

@ serviceton

you're right!
i may only add that the "Roman
version" is a 5% too fast.
In any case your comment prove
that sometime, someone listen
carefully to our posts.

Anonymous said...

any chance to repost this ?
thank you

serviceton said...

Here you go. Don't ask about the 3 separate links - Rapidshare acting screwy, it wouldn't go back up as one..