5 August 2011


Our journey so far...thanks for being a part of it.

To all brothers and sisters (hello - are there any sisters?)!



Hamiet Bluiett, baritone saxophone, clarinet
Don Cherry, trumpet
Talib Rhynie, alto saxophone, oboe
Carlos Ward, alto saxophone
Johnny Akhir Dyani, bass
Claude Jones, conga drums
John Betsch, percussion
Roy Brooks, percussion
Abdullah Ibrahim, piano, soprano saxophone

1. Sister Rosie 04:43
2. Jabulani (Joy) 17:49
3. Hajj (The Journey) 21:10

Recorded September 1977 at Downtown Sound, NY.




onxidlib said...


sotise said...

yeah this is great , one thats been on my to do list!

wightdj said...

My LP version is too worn out to listen to. Thanks.

corvimax said...

a too low bitrate has to be improved, thank you

Bender said...

Thanks - this is just beautiful.

farosanderson said...

Very very nice album. Some stellar playing particularly from Don Cherry whose trumpet is a dry as the middle eastern sands Hajj transverses. And any Carlos Ward is always welcome (surely one of the sweetest altos)

Anonymous said...

Just picked up a copy of this fantastic LP today! Now I can listen to it on my iphone as well. Thanks!


agmosk said...

Thanks! Always wanted to hear this. Great line-up!

Anna T. said...

Thank you. I love your blog, not only because it helped me reconstruct my LP collection, left on the other side of the atlantic, but also because of all the stuff that I was not even aware existed. And yes, there are sisters!

onxidlib said...

Hallo Sister Anna T..


Glad we help to reconstruct your lost collection - and sail further into the ocean of sound...

little monster said...

Thanks-this is a new discovery for me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, this blog is amazing!

There is a problem when trying to download from links that take you LNX.lu however; after pressing" skip this ad" to go to the download link I am redirected to a page to sign a petition, with no possible way to get to the download link.

Specifically, this album, George Lewis Ensemble Live In Verona '79, Anthony Braxton Quintet Live In Milan '77, and Ted Curson Live In Monterey '77 I cannot download because of this. Would it be possible to post links to these directly to rapidshare?

Thanks a lot

onxidlib said...

It is available again - as CD. http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Abdullah-Dollar-Brand-Ibrahim/dp/B0000931LX