31 August 2011

John Tchicai Group Montmartre, Copenhagen May 29, 1981 FM

John Tchicai - as, fl, perc
Peter Oye - g, perc
Hugo Rasmusen - b
?? Trangaard - dr



upkerry14 said...


no pw

Wallofsound said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

ubu said...

The musicians are:

Pierre Dørge (g)
Hugo Rasmussen (b)
Aage Tanggaard (d)

Will hear (and meet!) Tchicai next week!

Arcturus said...

thanks for this - more Tchicai is always welcome

JC said...


Wallofsound said...

Just returning to thank you again for sharing this. I've played it through quite a few times since dling it. It's a wonderful recording by a great band.

Anonymous said...

Shame to have missed this last year, any chance of a re-up, now that the great man is no longer with us?