21 August 2011

Bennie Wallace Trio - Live in Moers '80

The best concert at the 9th Moers Jazz Festival with a fantastic E.Gomez.

Rec. live at "The 9th Moers Festival", Moers, Germany,
on May 25, 1980 (mics recording)

Bennie Wallace,tenor sax
Eddie Gomez,bass
Alvin Queen,drums

1. The Free Will (17:38)
2. Unknown (07:18)
3. Unknown (11:04)
4. 'Round About Midnight (13:28)
5. Unknown (07:45)
6. Head (15:49)
7. Broadside [encore] (09:16)

Total Time 1:22:21



riccardo said...

mp3 (182 MB)

flac (404 MB)

wightdj said...

Very cool, thanks.

trane said...

Much appreciated Riccardo, thanks once agaian for sharing your never ending collection

agmosk said...

Thank you. Live Bennie wallace is a rare treat!

Wallofsound said...

Looks really interesting. Ta

-Otto- said...

That was the very first time I heard and saw Bennie Wallace -- at this very concert on the lawn in the Moers city park. There he was, walked up on stage, looking like a chartered accountant of some sort, introduced himself and started playing. Well, that was some darn good chartered accountant up there, blowing everyone away. Wonderful!

Thanks for sharing, riccardo!

JC said...