7 August 2011

MUJICIAN TRIO "Live in Bristol, 1992"

I used the bass player (above) because on this rare recording of Mujician Paul Rogers is absent.
Andy you asked me wether I know Paul Dunmall - yes I do and I'm glad you shared your treasures with us.

MUJICIAN TRIO "Live in Bristol, 1992"

Keith Tippett, piano
Paul Dunmall, reeds
Tony Levin, drums

1. Set 2 (39:12)

Recorded on 23rd October, 1992 at Rare Music Club, Bristol, UK.



onxidlib said...


Andy said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Keith tippett is the legend


Anonymous said...

Is this a different night from the one documented on:

MUJICIAN live in Bristol 1992


Best Wishes

Andy said...

Dear Anonymous. My mistake - I put the wrong date on my youtube Mujician tribute. It was from 1993 and the full quartet. It's possible the recording from which that came will appear here at some time. The wonderful drummer Tony Levin died in February and is sorely missed.

Anonymous said...


I'm the anonymous of the precedent comment(aka mosa).
Do you have the entire performance of bristol 1993?
I love the swinging coltranian mood of the exerpt on youtube..
In the future, want you make a post with this intresting live performance?

Thank You Mosa

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for this one. A few years ago, I saw the group minus, Tippett at the Stone in NYC. The shows were professionally recorded by the same persons involved in the Dunmall Sun Quartet set on Clean Feed. I expect that it may come out someday via DMG Arc. It is too bad that getting Tippett to the US is difficult.

sotise said...

SUPERB,one of the very best improvising groups ever , thank you ..:)

glmlr said...

So is it correct to say that Keith Tippett refuses to play in the USA???

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, I don't have this. If you'd like to find out more about Tony Levin's music I've been developing a website at www.tonylevin.org

JC said...

thanks a lot for these.

Andy said...

Re-up peeps.

Andy said...

New Mega link. Good call. This is one of the best.