22 December 2013

Stan Tracey-Louis Moholo-live in Novara Italy 2006

Here's another great Stan Tracey Broadcast , originally taped and shared by Dimer Survivor69 (many thanks to him), a duo with Louis Moholo , in beautiful crystal clear sound , again largely freely improvised,though i have a suspicion that the last piece is a blue notes tune, but i cant quite nail it !
A marvellous show which at times strongly evokes Moholo's Masterful FMP duo with Keith Tippett.

Novara Jazz : Stan Tracey & Louis Moholo duo 

Recorded at Auditorium Fratelli Oliveri del Conservatorio Guido Cantelli, Novara (Italy)
on sunday 30 April 2006, for Novara Jazz Festival 2006
Stan Tracey, pianoforte - Louis Moholo, drums

nine unannounced (and unknown to me) tracks, for a total of 58'56" see FFP for sequence

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on wednesday 9 August 2006, 22:00 hours.

duo piano-batteria proveniente dalla storia del jazz britannico, comunque lontano dal soul aframericano (nonostante moholo sia sudafricano), solo verso la fine ci si interstardisce in fastidiosi fraseggi accademici-classici, quasi contemporanei, ma specie nei primi brani vi si trova anche adeguata cadenza. Tra Jarrett (con molte meno note) e Tippett, con un occhio ad Evans...

Lineage (FM > MD > CDR > wav's > web):

notes by Survivor69


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