28 July 2007


heres another wonderful
concert, in very good sound
acquired in a trade with a 'friend'

anyone familiar with the ,wonderful fmp disc , touch the earth break the shells, will already have an informed view of the stunning empathy between kowald ,smith, and sommer.
well this concert adds the highly individual approach to the vibraphone of bobby naughton a neglected figure whos contributions to classic leo smith, anthony braxton, and roscoe mitchell albums, to some extent shaped my appreciation of the instrument's possibilities as something other than a merely pianistic approach, ah la say milt jackson.
all i can say about this is that, its a major statement by masters who's names should be in every lover of improvised music's lexicon, this is as great an example of aacm , post 60's free intergrating with euro free improv as one could hope to find, anyone interested in either should on no account overlook this superlative gem.
buy records by these people, visit the website of bobby naughton who has lp's and a great cd 'zoar' (all self produced on his own otic lable )for sale.
leo smith and bobby naughton's homepages are both linked to this blog.
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sotise said...

Koln 79

Mp3 220- http://rapidshare.com/files/45466328/snksLI81.zip

FLAC- 1) http://rapidshare.com/files/45349685/KOWALD_SMITH_ETC_LIVE_79.part1.rar

2) http://rapidshare.com/files/45375453/KOWALD_SMITH_ETC_LIVE_79.part2.rar


glmlr said...

Well done yet again, Sotise! Another gem. Thank you very much.

A question: Is the recording date 3 December 1979, or 12 March 1979?

sotise said...

glmlr, hi
its actually dec 1981, i made a mistake with the year which is now corrected.
as far as i know this tape is not listed in any discog, and has not appeared anywhere either in the blogosphere or on any torrentbay

sunship said...

Beautiful! Much appreciated. Great to have the FLAC-files without delay like that.

centrifuge said...

man, this just sounds GREAT - you can really hear that all of them are right on it, right from the start, immediate tension...

what's all this dorect download stuff then?? i haven't experimented with that myself and i didn't on this occasion either, since i am still flac-resistant ;-)

Anonymous said...

Peter Kowald & Leo Smith - with those two alone I would go for it!!

Thx for your great shares, sotise/DM!


King Kennytone said...

aYE MAN ANOTHER hep slab
FOR WHICH i tHANK ye cats
yes indeed

||`\`¬¬` fine work fellers
x King Kennytone

jazzme said...

The Mp3 220 does not seem to be up any chance it might be considered for a re-up love Kowald and would love to hear this ,great stuff up here thx .

sotise said...

jazzme the mp3 is still up and functional
you are not cutting and pasting the link into your browser properly.
try it again