8 October 2010

Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971 - audio upgrade

We posted a while back a set of recordings from the above event, but only in mp3 as that was the only format available. Meanwhile, bialero has been discreetly slipping in lossless versions of these recordings in the comment section of the earlier post. These may easily be overlooked, so I thought it warranted a separate "front page". I can't say how much these posts match the earlier ones, because I haven't had a chance to listen through the full set of both.

Anyway, here's the basic info:

va - Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971
recorded in Baden-Baden, Südwestfunk Studios
(Dec 1971, bootleg)

Herbert Joos, Marc Charig, Maffay Falay - trumpet, flugehorn
Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans - trombone
Elton Dean - soprano sax,sss, saxello ,Alan Skidmore - soprano sax, tenor sax
Dudu Pukwana - alto sax, saxello
Karlheinz Wiberny - alto sax
Michel Pilz - bass clarinet
Terje Rypdal - guitar
Chris McGregor, Burton Greene - electric-piano, piano
Barre Phillips, Adelhard Roidinger, Roy Babbington, Ron Mathewson - bass
Stu Martin, Alan Jackson - drums ,Okay Temiz - percussion

CD 1:
1. Synode (Burton Greene with HJ, MP, KHW, OT) 11:51
2. The Serpent's KindlyEye (Chris McGregor with orchestra) 22:13
3. Your Eyes Are Full Of Tears (Terje Rypdal) 7:17
4. After Nord (Terje Rypdal with BP, HR, SM etc) 17:52

1. F Tide part 1 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
2. F Tide part 2 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
3. Turn The Lights Off (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
4. Marco (Marc Charig with DP, CM, RM, AJ)

1. Just Eight (Barre Phillips with RB, AR, RM, SM, OT)
2. Peshrev Javos (Oaky Temiz/Maffay Falay with DP, RB)
3. Wiberny's Piece (Karlheinz Wiberny w. MC, MG, MP, BG, AR, SM)
4. Come On (Barre Phillips with AS, MG, TR, AR, BP, SM)
5. Hypnose (Terje Rypdal with orchestra)

1-3. Room For Everybody (Burton Greene with orchestra)
4. One More Time (Burton Greene with orchestra)
5. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (second version, Chris McGregor with orchestra)

1. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (concert version)
2. Encore (incomplete)

Sound quality is very good throughout with the exception of the penultimate cd, but I'm willing to sit through any version of "The Serpent's Kindly Eye" at whatever sound quality.

Thanks to bialero for invaluable service to humankind!


kinabalu said...

For links, go to the comments section of the earlier post. I've tested them all, and they work fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, and I second your regard for 'Serpent's Kindly Eye' Cheers, MB

kinabalu said...

I thought you might appreciate it, M. It may sound cacophonous at times, but it's beautiful cacophony.

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff - thanks a lot to all involved!

Anonymous said...

Amazing music indeed. Thanks a lot to both SOTISE and bialero fo sharing this with us.

I just want to point out that it is different music on mp3 and FLAC rip, and that source of recording is different as well. E.G. mp3 files are radio rip.

Nevertheless, music is fantastic in both cases, so get them both and enjoy.