16 March 2010

Baden Baden-Free Jazz Meeting ,Dec 1971-Dudu Pukwana,C.Mcgregor,B.Phillips, T.Rypdal, B.Greene,M.Pilz, H.Joos, M.Falay.A.Skidmore

Here's ,an Incredible document of several
concerts recorded over a few days in Dec 1971.

Got this from an online acquaintance recently , who Sourced it from soul seek , Unfortunately all i have is an Mp3 Version ... we would certainly welcome a loss less share of this.. if anyone who has it is willing to oblige.

This set sort of ties in with the numerous,quality South African selections on offer here recently...

Not much point talking about the performers themselves ,since most have already been introduced here and elsewhere.
As far as i Know The free jazz meetings in Baden Baden ,were inaugurated in the mid 60'S by Critic Joachim E. Berendt.. and are still an occasional feature of the live scene...

Herbert Joos may be unfamiliar , he's probably best Known as a mainstay of the Vienna Art Orchestra , though back in the 70's , he made a few interesting solo albums ,and even recorded in trio format for FMP.

Fans of GUO, Alan Silva's Celestial Orchestra, Francois Tusques inter communal music and other Sonic LOVE fests will Find plenty to enjoy! .. a gamut ranging from 'Afro Rock,' Qwela Tinged pieces through to freebop, psychedelicious 'Bitches Brew 'style rock vamps... great percussion jams,and best of all ferocious Free improv over long droning horn ostinati ... this has it all!

Among the highlights featuring Some of the most electryfying performances in this set, for me are the trio-to quintet pieces featuring Terje Rypdal in completely free mode..taking it beyond Hendrix and even early Sonny Sharrocks fiercest sonic abstractions.
Splendid stuff which clearly presages the material on Rypdal's Great album 'What comes after' ECM 1031, a few of which pieces are present in skeletal form.

There's also a magnificent sprawling version of Barre Phillips, just 8.. (disc-2) which some may remember from the unique, Japo LP 'For all it is'( Japo, 60 003) recorded in March of the same year.

Grab it, enjoy.. and consider buying some of the performers discs .... Early Rypdal for example is on the whole pretty special.
Kudos to whomever taped this ... !

va - Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971
recorded in Baden-Baden, Südwestfunk Studios
(Dec 1971, bootleg)

Herbert Joos, Marc Charig, Maffay Falay - trumpet, flugehorn
Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans - trombone
Elton Dean - soprano sax,sss, saxello ,Alan Skidmore - soprano sax, tenor sax Dudu Pukwana - alto sax, saxello
Karlheinz Wiberny - alto sax, Michel Pilz - bass clarinet
Terje Rypdal - guitar Chris McGregor, Burton Greene - electric-piano, piano
Barre Phillips, Adelhard Roidinger, Roy Babbington, Ron Mathewson - bass
Stu Martin, Alan Jackson - drums ,Okay Temiz - percussion

-Disk 1:
1 Titel [Unknown personnel] 11:59 2 Titel [Unknown personnel] 19:44 3 The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) [rehearsal] [Joos, Charig, Falay, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Pukwana, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, McGregor, Greene, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin, Jackson, Temiz] 22:21 4 Announcement 1:54 5* The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) (incomplete) 12:46

-Disk 2
:6 Announcement 0:10 7 Marco (DP,comp) [Charig, Pukwana, McGregor, Matthewson, Jackson] 13:52 8 Announcement 0:13 9 Announcement 0:30 10 Just 8 (BPh,comp) [Phillips, Babbington, Martin (L); Matthewson, Roidinger, Temiz (R)] 10:26 11 Announcement 1:5912 Preshrev Yavos (OT,comp) [Falay, Pukwana, Babbington, Temiz] 10:3013 Announcement 1:01 14 Wiberny's Piece (KHW,comp) [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] (incomplete) 5:16 15 Announcement 0:23 16 Unknown Title 22:25

-Disk 3:17 Announcement 1:58 18 From Love to Hate (HJ,comp) [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] 10:3819 Announcement 1:53 20 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 1] [Charig, Griffiths, Wiberny, Pilz, Greene, Roidinger, Martin] 8:3121 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 2] 17:58 22 Room for Everybody (BG,comp) [Part 3] 7:18 23 Announcement 1:5924 The Serpent's Kindly Eye (ChMcG,comp) [Joos, Charig, Falay, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Pukwana, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, McGregor, Greene, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin, Jackson, Temiz] 14:37 25 Announcement 0:33

-Disk 4:26 Announcement 2:04 27 Come On (BPh,comp) [Griffiths, Skidmore, Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 10:25 28 Announcement 2:34 29 Hypnosis (TR,comp) [Joos, Charig, Griffiths, Evans, Dean, Skidmore, Wiberny, Pilz, Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Babbington, Matthewson, Martin] 17:59 30 Announcement 0:52 31 Your Eyes Are Full of Tears (TR,comp) [Rypdal solo] 7:21 32 Announcement 1:24 33 Turn the Lights Off (RR,comp) [Rypdal, Phillips, Martin] 12:1534 Announcement 0:06 35 Introduction [from stage] 0:19 36* Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 19:55

-Disk 5:37 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 17:49 38 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 14:46 39 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 8:0340 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin] 16:5141 Titel [Rypdal, Phillips, Roidinger, Martin]


SOTISE said...
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longbranch said...

This looks fantastic, I can't wait! Bravo! Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Thank you yet again. You're really raising the bar higher every time lately. -MB

Anonymous said...

Well done Sotise. This looks hugely interesting! Thank you.

Boromir said...

Nice one sotise, looks great! Thanks very much. Odd that John Surman, who was playing with most of these guys at the time, doesn't appear.

kinabalu said...

Holy shit!

Igor said...

Many thanks for Holy shit, Sotise.
This is Once-in-a-year post.

Mona said...

Holy shit indeed...many thanx.

Wallofsound said...

Nice to hear from you sotise, and with such joyous gifts. Thanks for sharing.

Arcturus said...

this looks fun - thaks a lot for putting it up, sotise!

assu said...

great document, thank you! Preshrev Yavos & Marco, my favourite.
do you have some live performances by Louis Moholo's Viva La Black ?
thanks for all these great posts!

SOTISE said...

Good to see you all , i was hoping one of you might have this in lossless to share.

Boromir , its been a while ... Yeah surprised too by Surman's absence..... i think a lot of significant connections were formed at this festival.... the Rypdal, phillips one for example.

astounding stuff eh .. ive listened to it all, twice ... mmmm hungry for Flacs.

Anonymous said...

the titles of the first two
tracks on Disk 1 are

1. Synode [Burton Greene]
2. One More Time [Chris McGregor]

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thank you!!!

Owen said...

Wow! This is THE find of the year for me. Absolutely amazing stuff.

FYI there's some duplication here as the last track on CD2 is the same rehearsal of 'The Serpent's Kindly Eye' on CD1.

And to the anonymous poster who supplied song titles for the first two tracks, may I ask your source? I can't recall ever having heard of a McGregor composition 'One More Time' elsewhere.


gerireig said...

You have a daunting collection. Were it not for you, I would have given up by now. Thank you for the selfless labor and dedication. Never think that your dfforts is not appreciated.

fent99 said...

Haven't been here for a while but I have as FLAC set from the previous year
Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1970
Südwestfunk Studios
Baden-Baden, Germany
I can't upload unfortunately would you be interested in a swap on DVD? Where can I email you?

bialero said...

I have the 1971 Baden Baden music somewhere on CDR, dubbed from low-ish gen cassettes. The whole thing is excellent sound. I can try and upload FLACs.

I remember there were two, different rehearsals of "The Serpent's Kindly Eye." I also have a broadcast of the same group performing this piece in front of an audience, at the same Free Jazz Meeting, I will try and find that too. I remember burning all three Serpents as a separate CDR - a total blast.

kinabalu said...


that sounds extremely interesting. Please go ahead and let me know if you need any advice on how to do it.

bialero said...


I am in the process of transferring my copy of Baden Baden 1971 as FLACs, taken from low-gen cassettes.

I have this music on 4 discs, much of it clearly matching exactly the mp3 versions published here, but with a few differences. The sound quality is excellent. It looks like I did not include the announcements when digitising this from cassette.

Here is my CD 1:
1. Synode (Burton Greene with HJ, MP, KHW, OT) 11:51
2. The Serpent's KindlyEye (Chris McGregor with orchestra) 22:13
3. Your Eyes Are Full Of Tears (Terje Rypdal) 7:17
4. After Nord (Terje Rypdal with BP, HR, SM etc) 17:52

The FLACs for CD1:
part 1,
part 2,
part 3,
part 4. (Combine and un-RAR.)

Any problems, please let me know before I upload the other three CDs.

kinabalu said...

All four parts downloaded and unpacked without problems, so please continue.

mario said...

i have just downloaded the flac files. they work just fine, and the sound quality ... it is amazing!!! unbelievable for a 1971 recording. please as soon as you can, post all the remaining disks.

oh and thank you very much for making this available

bialero said...

I'm continuing to upload. Here is my CD2:
1. F Tide part 1 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
2. F Tide part 2 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
3. Turn The Lights Off (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
4. Marco (Marc Charig with DP, CM, RM, AJ)

As before, there may be differences with the mp3 versions.

The FLACs:

CD2 part 1,
CD2 part 2,
CD2 part 3,
CD2 part 4,
CD2 part 5.

Combine and un-RAR.

Any problems, please let me know.

bialero said...

Here is my CD3:
1. Just Eight (Barre Phillips with RB, AR, RM, SM, OT)
2. Peshrev Javos (Oaky Temiz/Maffay Falay with DP, RB)
3. Wiberny's Piece (Karlheinz Wiberny w. MC, MG, MP, BG, AR, SM)
4. Come On (Barre Phillips with AS, MG, TR, AR, BP, SM)
5. Hypnose (Terje Rypdal with orchestra)

The sound at the start of Hypnose is a little rough on the cassette I have, otherwise excellent for 1971. There may be some differences between these and the mp3 versions.

CD 3 part 1,
CD 3 part 2,
CD 3 part 3.

Combine and unRAR the files. Please let me know any problems.

bialero said...

Here is my CD2:
1. F Tide part 1 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
2. F Tide part 2 (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
3. Turn The Lights Off (Terje Rypdal with HR, BP, SM)
4. Marco (Marc Charig with DP, CM, RM, AJ)

There are probably some differences with the mp3s, in terms of track titles and lengths, but it's clear that most of it matches up with the mp3 postings.

The FLACs for CD2:
CD 2 part 1,
CD 2 part 2,
CD 2 part 3,
CD 2 part 4,
CD 2 part 5.

Any problems, please let me know.

More to follow!

bialero said...

Here are the last parts I have of this Baden Baden festival.

First, CD4 - like the first three discs, this is a good quality airshot of music played in a studio. The track titles as I know them:
1-3. Room For Everybody (Burton Greene with orchestra)
4. One More Time (Burton Greene with orchestra)
5. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (second version, Chris McGregor with orchestra)

The FLACs:
CD 4 part 1,
CD 4 part 2,
CD 4 part 3,
CD 4 part 4,
CD 4 part 5.

Finally, here's a 45-minute broadcast of music played in front of a big audience, from this same Free Jazz Meeting. I wish I had this complete, and in the same quaility as the last four CDs, but currently this is the only source I know for this great music.

The two long tracks are both by Chris MsGregor and the orchestra:
1. The Serpent's Kindly Eye (concert version)
2. Encore (incomplete)

The encore is at times chaotic, but at different points groups of horns introduce riffs. I'm not sure if these are known compositions by Chris MsGregor. Some of these musicians had been playing with his Big Band and then the Brotherhood of Breath for three years by this point, so they knew his music very well.

The FLACs:
CD 5 part 1,
CD 5 part 2,
CD 5 part 3,

I hope this is of interest. My guess is that festival material like this is unlikely to get released: a complicated project with many musicians, some of whom are no longer with us.

kinabalu said...

Thanks, bialero. This is altogether wonderful. All five checked out without any problems. I'll make a proper post out of this significant upgrade. Otherwise it might get lost here in the comments section.

Fuzyguy said...

Could anyone repost the flacs? All links but the ones for disc 1 don't work anymore.

miloo2 said...

I am with Fuzyguy and his last comment, as I did not catch this gem at a time, so please kinabalu, or someone...? Got first disc, all 4 links still working. Thanks

kinabalu said...
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miloo2 said...

Thank you for your kindness, kinabalu!

kinabalu said...

Since we're doing Baden-Baden, I'll get to the 67, 70 and 77 dates next.

-Otto- said...

Thank you, sotise, for the original post, and thanks to kinabalu for the re-up!

propylaen2001 said...

Thanks to ya all. This is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

You're killing me with all the stuff you're posting! (Don't stop!)

Thank you. :)

bialero said...
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Sans Woz said...

Thank you endless!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, sadly, many of the FLAC links are rejected by Smartscreen, asdoes CD3 for the mp3 version as well. At least on my machine. Any cure? Thanks! Norman

Bhowani said...

Wonderfic job you've done Bialero, thanks beaucoup !

santos curser said...

I need a score card to figure out what is what in this material...
Or, maybe another read of all the comments... It looks like the links (of the tapes at least... just stumbled in here a few minutes ago) are still useful.

Thanks to all u army of freedom, I will eventually download and keep what seems the best.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I saw a new post stating there were updated links. Either I misread or the links posted in 2013 are all dead. Thanks for all the great stuff, hopefully this too...

Anonymous said...

A re-up would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

m_kydonieus said...

I came across these links for Baden Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1971:


Anonymous said...

I would really like to listen to this. The low bitrate mp3's are still available, but the other files are not working. Any chance you can re-up in a lossless format, like FLAC? Thanks in advance.

kinabalu said...

The entire thing, in one fell swoop:


francisco santos said...