9 July 2011

Position Alpha - don't bring your dog!

Position Alpha

1983-may 21+22, Atlantis Studio Stockholm
Dragon/Sweden drlp50

Jonny Wartel ... ss,ts,cl,tp,bells,music-tube,train-whistle,voc
Jonas Aakerblom ... as,bars,woodfl,duck-call,train-whistle,voc
Mats Eklöf ... bars,tp,cl,fishophone,voc
Thomas Jäderlund ... as,bcl,woodfl,triangle,voc
Sture Erikson ... as,ts,woodfl,harm,music-tube,fl,voc

A-1) barbamola
A-2) roma coma
A-3) well you needn´t
A-4) fisk 14
A-5) good bye
A-6) jelly roll
A-7) framat mot stenalderen

B-1) good evening
B-2) ore-se-rere
B-3) everybody´s got a hungry dog to feed
B-4) good morning
B-5) fisk 3

lp-rip by O.

the first LP of the swedish sax quintet.
first of all, those cats really can handle their instruments.
the music oscillates between free jazz, twisted adaptions of (here) not expected tunes (but then, they used to do just the unexpected), and a good portion of humour. a great live band as well.
have fun.


Owombat said...


gilhodges said...

Wow! I am so happy to have this. I've only seen "The Great Sound of Sound." Many, many thanks!

Owombat said...

great sound of sound would be my next (the DLP version, with 1 title more than the CD) - was that an mp3 you talk about?
thanks for info

Gerardo said...

Thanks so much! And so great to hear you would upload The Great Sound of Sound next. I also have an mp3 copy of it, but a very low quality one (128 kb) that had been floating around on soulseek years ago.

Anonymous said...

thank you

matt w said...

Thanks very much -- I've always wanted to hear these guys and this is excellent.

Anonymous said...

thank you
seems that link is gone

Owombat said...

Hello all,
what i know is this:

""Unfortunately, the link ... is not available.
Reasons for this may include:
- Invalid link
- The file has been deleted because it was violating our Terms of service.""

i am searching the reason. sorry for this - will keep you updated in case i can...

Owombat said...

great sound of sound is obviously avaliable again since Jan 2010 on Dragon (as CD, with 1 title missing) - see cduniverse, jpc, amazon et al.
so, chances are you can support the artists by purchasing directly.

on the link - i never got any further info....

Anonymous said...

Any Chance go reup this albun again?
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that people still listen to us. We are preparing av live come-back with the original members.
Watch out!

brian said...

re-up plese all Position Alphas