30 July 2011

Ted Curson Quintet - Live in Monterey '77

"The main thing I picked up from Mingus was to 'do your own shit, straight ahead no matter what."

Rec. live at "The 20th Monterey Jazz Festival", Monterey, CA,
on September 16, 1977 (radio broadcast)

Ted Curson,trumpet
Nick Brignola,baritone & soprano sax
Jim McNeely,piano
David Friesen,bass
Ron Steen,drums

1. Jimmy Lyons Intro (0:13)
2. Children Of The Kingdom (D.Friesen solo) [D.Friesen] (04:44)
3. Reava's Waltz [T.Curson] (09:45)
4. Graft And Corruption [T.Curson] (15:01)
5. My Old Flame [A.Johnston] (08:53)
6. Unidentified (03:42)

Total Time 42:20

Reava's Waltz


riccardo said...

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Jake Shields said...

Thanks for this - I love Curson as a musician and as a truly lovely guy. When I first moved to the US in the mid-80s he was running the after-hours jam session at the Blue Note in New York. He was great to the upcoming musicians and always played storming trumpet. He was also a regular, seen often just hanging out in the Village. I think he spends a lot of his time in Finland these days. I hope he is feeling as great as his music makes me feel.
Cheers Snakes!!!

trane said...

Thanks for Ted!

wightdj said...

Never enough Ted, thanks.

JC said...

Thanks a lot.

francisco santos said...

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