16 July 2011

Barre Phillips-For all it is-(Japo -60003) 1973

This one goes out to the Cats from The Next Best Sound....(MEOW!)
My Belated ,2 cents worth towards the Out of Print Japo thread running through these pages.

Barre Phillips is no stranger to collaborating with other bassists, This and Ecm's music from 2 bases a collaboration with Dave Holland , set a pattern for so many such future forays..

a more recent and very wonderful example being 2004's After You've gone (Victo) with, Tetsu Saitoh, William Parker, Joëlle Léandre;and Peter Kowald.

for me certainly,Phillips is/Was, the most instantly recognizable voice on the instrument of the last 40 years..(The many other note worthy candidates not withstanding).
This was the first Phillip's record i ever bought , and its still a favourite ,
despite a fondness for almost all of his work , I'm certainly most partial to those that deal  in knotty, total improvisation.

This is one of those and more besides , and Because the Drummer is Stu Martin with whom he was in the trio (at the time)... a couple of tracks feature punchy grooves and thematic improvisations on simple melodic ideas ....indeed they ARE Funky!
Mostly though the music is abstract and textures open and free , with all four bassists exploring the full range of the instrument, and well beyond.

Greatly Imaginative music ,which a wrtitten review can never do justice to
.. Five unparalleled Master musicians literally Whooping it up and having a ball , a fully engaging, accessible Ride , and very beautiful conventionally so too
So Listen!!

Also,take note this is so very  far removed from what one might imagine to be merely a set of dazzling technically fascinating exercises.

Phillips &; Guy , are prolific and have many available cds .. on ECM,Maya, PSF,Cadence.. and loads of other labels ..well worth a purchase and the Exploration thereof

Barre Phillips – For All It Is
Catalog#:JAPO 60003 :Vinyl, LP ,Released:1973

A1 Just 8 7:00 ,A2 Whoop 3:50 ,A3 Few Too 5:30 ,A4 La Palette 4:00 ,B1 Y En A 5:43 ,B2 Dribble 7:13,B3 Y. M. 4:47
Bass – Barry Guy, J.F. Jenny-Clarke*, Palle Danielsson
Bass, Composed By, Producer – Barre Phillips
Engineer – Klaus Bornemann
Percussion – Stu Martin


glmlr said...

Welcome home Sotise! We missed you.

Anonymous said...

You call this Funky ?you dont know the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

There are many types of funk... the other Anonymous should take time out and listen to Derek Bailey for some REAL funk... thanks very much for this!

Frédito said...

Merci Sotise ; very nice to see you back !

sotise said...

yeah Freddie, Glmlr.. good to hear from you guys..
i'd been rather enjoying the prolonged break as a result of my crashed system.

at times all this feels like mindless over consumption.

i hope you are both well!

glmlr said...

"Mindless over-consumption", well that's a heck of a provocative phrase Sotise! I admit the temptation is right in front of us on the web, but with a little judiciousness, consumptive excesses can surely be avoided? Personally, after the initial roar of enthusiasm wore off, I gained a lot of pleasure from sources like ours because they gave me the chance to hear some other things, things which perhaps I would not want to pay for, or indeed might never want to hear twice. But that first listening was important at the time. Still is. The ear yearns to be fed!

steve said...

Awesome! Love the cover . . . looks like it has been in hiding waiting to be dis-covered!

1009 said...

OOOO, I hope an anonymous internet poster will help us all better understand the true meaning of "funk"!

In all seriousness, thanks for this upgrade, sotise. I remember picking this up (here) a while back and being a bit reticent to -- great musicians, but, hell, four basses? I was glad I took the time to listen to it, though, because there is a wealth of beauty here, four guys pushing their instruments as far as possible while listening closely to (and being pushed by) each other.

I've slowed down a bit myself; it was nice to set aside an archive of listening for the future, but perhaps now is a time to delve into it rather than endlessly acquire.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you!

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks. Owned this LP years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi !

I add tags to music files with foobar.

Is "Few Too" really few too ?
The cover said 5,30mn but the file 7,10mn ?

Thank you for all,
long life to InconstantSol !

NickS said...

Thank you for the opportunity to hear this album. I like it alot.

sotise said...

Vincent , there is a mistake with the timing of Few too on the cover, its an error, the track is longer than stated.

Frédito said...

I'm doing well, thanks Sotise. On the subject of funkiness, I find a lot of feral or ritualistic cavernous funk on the last track. Quite groovy and danceable, one just has to find the steps and moves to be in tune. I would even say that it's a great dance piece !

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Sotise! I have this LP but no turntable! It will be good to hear it again. Do you have "Paintings" by Barry Guy & Peter Kowald? Another 'bass' album I have been searching for. Again, thanks for the posting.


sotise said...

Brian , no i dont have paintings, exept on casette.. some of it was reissued on Kowald's bass duets compilation FMP (cd 102), which also includes duos with Altena and Phillips... originaly on 3 different lps ,im told they are on Atavistics release schedule.

Freddy..YEAH..Cavernous Funk , the best kind eh...It neednt be straight back beat a la Bernard Purdie to be Funky.. i very much Agree with Anonymous#2... check out Bailey with C.Weston & J.Tacuma on 'mirakle'

Peter said...

Thanks very much for this, sotise! :)

Feu Follet said...

new rip, flac& pics


gonzo said...

link broken. would it be possible to repost?

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to reupload this in lossless format? thanks a lot!