14 September 2011

Sakada Askatuta-(Prevost,Mattin,Erkizia)-RHCD-14,2004

Chewy slice of Electro Acoustic Improv.. lyrical in its Craggy way... featuring Basque activist /Improviser Bricoleur Mattin , with .. a few friends , one being AMM co founder , composer ,improviser ,Jazz drummer-Eddie Prevost.

Xavier Erkizia a like minded Spanish Improviser/sound Artist...

those who like Free floating Noise, dirty Sculpted Ambient Feedback ..and AMM, should enjoy this...cdr on the Australian Rhizome Label.

Sakada Askatuta
Eddie Prevost- Percussion
Mattin, Laptop feedback
Xavier Erkizia- Accordion, computer

Recorded 22nd of August-2003, at Arteleku Donosti
RHCD-14 The rhizomelabel, Australia
Anyone interested in Mattin's work can find more downloads completely Gratis , in Flac and Ogg.. on Mattin's own website.. here
here's a link to some Rhizomelabel, product via Mimaroglu music sales.



SOTISE said...

Flac /pics

matt w said...

Thanks for posting this and the links! I'd never heard of Mattin or Erkizia, so this is ear-opening. (Haven't downloaded it yet; I'm listening through Mattin's site.)

FYI the Eddie Prevost link is to the wrong Matchless label -- it should be matchlessrecordings.com.

SOTISE said...

Matt W, Link Fixed!

Anonymous said...

thanks sotise

onxidlib said...

I like Sakada a lot - never heard about this one.

There's another one on Prévost's Matchless imprint with this line-up:
Mattin - computer feedback
Rosy Parlane - computer, radio
Eddie Prévost - percussion

> http://matchlessrecordings.com/undistilled

and a 3" CD on Antiopic which is more restrained - yet excellent as well - it's on sale now >


It's line-up is...

Bass – Margarida Garcia
Amplified Textures – Mark Wastell
Harp – Rhodri Davies
Percussion - Eddie Prévost
Computer Feedback - Mattin

The title of this mini-cd is a favourite of mine:

"Never Give Up On The Margins Of Logic"

Thank you, Sotise!

sotise said...

The Matchless , disc was a co release which also appeared on Mattin's own Label, those interested can Sample it gratis in Ogg format , by following the link to his website, and scrolling down the page... it really is very good.

Ochyming said...

Thank you!
Prévost is awesome!