22 September 2011

Cecil Taylor photos?

I've got an email from Phil Freeman:

Hello -

I'm the editor and publisher of the small magazine Burning Ambulance [http://burningambulance.com]. In our next issue, we're featuring a lengthy article on the Cecil Taylor Unit of 1978 (Taylor, Jimmy Lyons,Raphe Malik, Ramsey Ameen, Sirone and Ronald Shannon Jackson). Photos of this group are hard to come by, though, and I'm hoping maybe someone who reads your blog or someone you know might have some. If so, please point them my way. Thanks!

Phil Freeman

This message is self-explanatory, so if anyone in our readership can help, I'm sure Phil would be grateful. I have in my collection "3 Phasis" made by this version of the Unit. There was also another called "Cecil Taylor Unit", both of which released by New World Records. Please also note that I have posted an unreleased live concert from Köln with this line-up and it can be found here.


freebones said...

the only pictures i have are the freely available ones from liner notes, etc.

"cecil taylor unit" is a fabulous album.

kinabalu said...

The album I have has extensive liner notes, but only a small black and white photo of CT himself, not of the whole Unit.