5 September 2011

Misha Mengelberg - Live in Berlin '75

"I’m nothing as a pianist. I’m not a pianist at all, but I play the piano.
It’s my vehicle to play. I’m absolutely unfit to play a horn, or anything
else. I play what I think is needed there, to play. So it can be exotic or
exuberant, or it can be harsh, minimizing the material. It depends.

Rec. live during "Workshop Freie Musik No.7", 27 to 31 March 1975, at Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany (radio broadcast)

Misha Mengelberg,piano

1. Berlin '75 (18:33)

excerpt from Berlin '75


riccardo said...

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Bozo the Clown said...

the new Parker/Mengelberg Duo album on PSI is sensational! I love MM in these free-wheeling settings.

Anonymous said...

None of the FMP-boxes ("For Example" and "In Retrospective") lists Mengelberg as participating at the WFM in 1975 (while he reportedly was present there for instance in '73 and '76). No idea which info is wrong, but I just want to note that there's contradictory details.
Thanks anyway for this!

onxidlib said...

The website of FMP also do not list Misha Mengelberg as a pianist for the WFM '75.
But he's on the WFM's poster listed as a composer.
Maybe he made a spontaneous concert which was broadcasted...?
Or it was scheduled after the poster was printed.

However - thanks a lot Riccardo!!

glmlr said...

Maybe the band was listed under the parrot's name.

JC said...


JC said...

Oh love that picture too. That's cool. Those birds usually do know music very well.