4 September 2011



Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Michael Smith, piano
Kent Carter, bass
Kenneth Tyler, drums

1. Scraps/Weal (continuous)                 18:13
2. Flakes                                   12:04
3. The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington)   11:52
4. Moms/Crops/Esteem (applause between)     25:54
5. The Rush/Announcement(Steve Lacy)        04:58

Note: the following is the info file I got with the cdr - the above is what I have...yet they play at least 'The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington).
Maybe anyone can help?

... Thanks to marten512 and hloess for the track titles!

1. Scraps 10:12
2. Weal 07:00
3. Flakes 02:04
4. The Schoals (Memory Of Duke Ellington) 11:46
5. Moms 11:00
6. Crops 08:00
7. Esteem 07:00
8. The Rush 04:00
9. Announcement Steve Lacy 01:00

Recorded at Moers, 3.New Jazz Festival on 1st June 1974.



onxidlib said...
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marten512 said...

I have only had time to listen to the first track (it is after midnight), so I may be wrong but: track 01 opens with 'Scraps' and then about ten minutes in rolls into 'Weal'. I wonder if the given track listing is correct but the tracks have been played or recorded in pairs.
Anyway, many thanks for this. It is (for me at least) always a pleasure to hear Mr Lacy's wonderful music.

trane said...

Thanks for Lacy!

hloess said...

Just as Marten said, tracks here are:

1 - Scraps/Weal (continuous)
2 - Flakes
3 - The Schoals
4 - Moms/Crops/Esteem (applause between)
5 - The Rush/Announcement(Steve Lacy)

What a great set!

Never knew the "Scraps" (or "Flakes", since half of these are from there) sextet had performed in this quartet configuration. Michael Smith doesn't show up too often over the years, but when he does, it's always in the finest places, as here. (For that matter, I've always wondered how or why Kent Carter has kept such a low profile since parting ways with Lacy, and Kenny Tyler, who virtually disappeared after this, is wonderful here.)

I've only heard "Moms" in solo or duo performances, as a finely chiseled, perfect miniature - the version here is downright orchestral by comparison, and it's a whole new perspective.

Many thanks for this, a very distinct item in the Lacy catalog, and totally new to me.

john said...

thank you as ever for yet more live Lacy. It's great stuff.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks (and to trane for the extra info).

1009 said...

This is a stellar set, complete with stellar sound. Do not hesitate to download if you appreciate 70s Lacy.

I made a bootleg cover:


Arcturus said...

just wonderful - big thanks!

JC said...

This looks fantastic. thanks.

SOTISE said...

yes E, thank you for this , its a marvelous improvement(in terms of sound) on the Audience recording which appeared on Dime , some years ago.

joesh said...

Great stuff, thanks.

@1009 - Nice idea about the cover, but I don't understand what your cover has to do with the recording here? Maybe you could explain?


Anonymous said...

hi hi hi....

maybe...maybe....mybe (?)

a reup makes me happy....



onxidlib said...

Re-up is in preparation...

onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

I tried the reload and Schoals was flawed in both part 1 and part 2 loads. Quel dommage.

martin said...

Onxidlib's files re-upped:


asjchrlpa mc said...

please reup. The link is dead again. Thanks!

bender c said...

Please re-up!!!. The link is dead again. Thanks!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Anonymous said...

many thanks Ernst!
stellar, sounds direct from pre-FM source. smoking set, wide stereo image.
a must have.
and now i do!

francisco santos said...


daniel said...

a HUGE thanks for this one!!!