5 September 2011

In Cahoots Bürgerhaus, Bremen, Germany 20 May 1986 Radio Bremen FM broadcast

1. Second Sight
2. Truly Yours/Double Talk
3. Eastern Region
4. Kandoo/Band Introduction
Phil Miller, Hugh Hopper, Pip Pyle, Peter Lemer, Elton Dean
Parts of this show were used for the official "Live 86-89" CD.
Those tracks are not included here.
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upkerry14 said...


Anonymous said...

Thank You upkerry14 for this Phil Miller/In Cahoots FM broadcast!

I think Phil Miller is probably the most 'underrated' guitarist of all time!

Though i must admit, i do prefer his 1970's work over this later In Cahoots stuff--especially Peter Lemer's eighties synth sounds which can be heard here--and also in reference to this particular broadcast, it's a shame that Mr. Miller's guitar is mixed so low, especially since obstensively he is regarded as the *leader* of the band!

But i still appreciate the posting very much, especially when Miller gets to take flight in an extended solo! --dandor

JC said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Could you repost this concert please ? THANKS A LOT...

Pangaea said...

I'll second the request made by Anonymous on 3 April 2016 !
This would be most welcome as two other excellent tracks
from the concert date appear on their Live 1986-9 release.