10 September 2011


Throwing some light (see the cover ;) on the pre-history of ECM - Manfred Eicher was not content with the recording/music.

Obviously Paul Bley is an influence - hear for yourself...


Bob Degen, piano
Manfred Eicher, bass
Fred Braceful, drums

1. For A Better Tomorrow 10:26
2. Little Garden 05:49
3. Celebrations 08:15
4. Petal 03:52
5. Gem 07:05

Recorded on May 25th, 1968 at Tonstudio Villingen/Schwarzwald, Germany.

CALIG CAL 30 602

(lp rip)



onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting music, Thank You onxidlib! I'm assuming this is quite a *rare* LP?!

I am familiar with drummer Fred Braceful from his later playing in bizarro fusion trio Exmagma.

(As a drummer i found it very interesting that he plays this whole record with the strainer on the bottom of his snare drum in the 'off' position, so that his snare drum sounds more like a higher pitched tom (tom) than the *traditional* snare sound! ;) --dandor

sotise said...

great , thank you!

Solomon said...

Thank you.

upkerry14 said...

Lovely album, just got around to listening to it. Thank you!

onxidlib said...
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Geneva Community Radio said...

Unfortunately, now THAT link is dead. I guess somebody does NOT want this album being distributed for free on the internet. Too bad. It's a shame that because the RIAA is so determined to stop pirating of copyrighted material, we can't enjoy rare and hard to find recordings like this one. Because to the powers that be who run these file sharing sites, it doesn't seem to matter if the album is out of print or not, "can't take the chance", is what they would probably say. If someone wants to risk reposting it, I'd greatly appreciate it, and so would many others, I'm sure.

kinabalu said...

I think the reason may be less conspiratorial. If people have a free account with RapidShare and the file doesn't get downloaded for, say a month or so, it tends to be deleted.

In any case, here it is again, on two file servers:



akaboshi14 said...

Could you re-up this please?

Nod y said...

I also would like a re-up of this lp, for many reasons and in particular because most of the Calig productions are very interesting.
thank in advance.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...


correct silence said...

Thanks Ernst

A lovely album.

rev.b said...

Just another day tooling around the ‘net checking out all the great music being shared, and then POW!!! I knew nothing about this album, but certainly I know who Fred Braceful is, Manfred Eicher too, but on bass?!!? I didn’t know about Bob Degen at all, but it’s obvious to me I need to. Agreed, the sprit of Paul Bley’s mid sixties trios are all over this thing. I guess Manfred gave up on playing. Pity. What I’m hearing here is very nice. You’ve turned just another Sunday afternoon into one I’ll remember Ernst, thanks!