10 September 2011

Steve Lacy Quintet-Jazzbühne, East-Berlin, GDR-9-Apr 1977

Another great Steve Lacy snipet, plenty of radio static at certain points ... great music though and certainly worth a listen...

Here are the original Dime Seeders notes , (thanks to the Taper&; Seeders, of this wonderful snapshot)

STEVE LACY QUINTET,9-Apr 1977 (1977-04-09)
Jazzbühne, East-Berlin, GDR

source: "phase corrected transfer from radio broadcast recording"
Steve Lacy: ss,Steve Potts. as,ss

Irene Aebi: cello, voc, violin
Kent Carter: b,Oliver Johnson: dr
1. radio comment 00:33
2. The Crust 10:54
3. Papa's Midnight Hop 07:49
4. The New Duck 08:36
5. Revolutionary Suicide 09:18
In 1977, the Steve Lacy Quintet was invited to West-Berlin to take part in the Workshop Freie Musik, lasting from 7.4.77 to 11.4.77. So for this concert in East-Berlin, the band apparently made a little excursion when having a day off from the Workshop.

It was during this festival, more precisely on the last day, that they recorded the beautiful "Follies"-LP for FMP/SAJ. There's also a short radio broadcast recording from 8.4.1977 circulating (sounding seriously lo-fi!).


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Sotise- Thank You SO much for all the incredible Steve Lacy posts!
I love this group, and I'm guessing that this was recorded within months of The Way (Probably my Favorite Lacy record). I am so looking forward to hearing this and the many other Lacy posts I'm getting from you.Happy New Ears, indeed.
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