23 September 2011

Kirk Lightsey and Benny Bailey, Subawy, Koln Germany 1993

TV broadcast. This is just the audio. Sound A.

Benny Bailey- Trumpet
tp Kirk Lightsey- Piano
Jimmy Woode- Bass
Sangoma Everett- Drums   

1. Nostalgia 10:10,
2. I Can't Get Started 10:33,
3. Kansas City Statement 11:42,
4. Will You Still Be Mine 11:19

Toal 43:50


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I'm not 100% sure but the photo of the pianist looks like Kenny Kirkland, not Kirk Lightsey. Maybe you have some other info, however, I seem to remember Kirk Lightsey as completely bald and looking a little like Yusef Lateef (now I come to think about it!).

Thanks for the great music.