8 September 2011

Solal - Konitz - Scofield- Ørsted-Pedersen – Four Keys (1979-MPS,1A 064-63157)

Here's another to me rather Special lp on MPS, Lee Konitz ,and Martial Solal ,two masters with a long shared performance and recording History.

I've always felt that they played down some of their most adventurous music together..

this one is outrageously good, they run the gamut from straight Bop compositions based on standards to free improvisations ,the title track is a piece played in four Different keys,simultaneously..

N.H.O.P , and a young J.Scofield are equal participants and round off one of the great ones in the Solal /Konitz shared discography.
still out of print to my knowledge , and very worthwhile

the mp3's for those who prefer those are available from "Magic Purple Sunshine"

Lee Konitz has apparently not been well lately , having been hospitalised just before a sheduled appearance at the Melbourne jazz Festival in June this year.

I have no idea whether he has fully recovered , perhaps a reader who is more au courant can fill us in .

we wish him all the best.

Martial Solal, piano
Lee Konitz, alto saxophone
John Scofield, guitar
Niels-Henning Ørsted-Pedersen, bass

1. Brain Stream     6:43    
2. Not Scheduled     7:27    
3. Grapes             6:26    
4. Retro Active     6:03    
5. Energy             4:42    
6. Satar             4:35    
7. Four Keys             3:15

Recorded May, 1979 in Villingen at MPS-Studio.

MPS 0068.241


onxidlib said...

Got recently the duo between Konitz and Solal which I like a lot.

Looking forward to this (to me unknown) MPS recording.

Thank you, M.!

sotise said...

Hope you enjoy it E, My theory is that Joachim Kuhn was deeply influenced by Solal...
i'm usually not too keen on Tatumesque contemporary piano stylists ,Solal , and Stanley Cowell being the exceptions.... yeah Solal is a Master .... this just blows me away!

MARIO said...

Thanks.Any chance to upload another great MPS :DUET by EARL HINES and J BYARD?

JC said...

Thank you. While I don't download releases (even OOP) I did note your concern for Mr. Konitz. He is apparently recovered and well enough to travel and play again. He will be in the Washington, DC area next week for some appearances previously scheduled with a friend, including interviews/discussions, a tentet, and a quartet. They may be his first since the incident but all indications are he's ready to roll. I've been looking forward to it.

SOTISE said...

thanks for the info JC, good news indeed!

Wallofsound said...

When I saw Konitz a few months back he was quite weak and struggled to get through the whole set. He still played beautifully, though.

sotise said...

@Mario , if you go to Magic purple Sunshine ... youll find i think that there is a Flac post of The Hines/Byard Duet... dont know if their links are alive , if not i have it so i can rip my lp for you, unless its been recently reissued.

Anonymous said...

damn,FBI shut down megaupload, so link is dead now. If you could repost this LP, it will be great.
Cool blog by the way. Thanks.

kinabalu said...

I don't think I downloaded this one at the time, but at the time nobody counted on Megaupload being shut down. Maybe some others did ...

SOTISE said...

i'll re upload soon.

Anonymous said...


Marcus Hutchins said...

That is a great recording. Kiitoksia!

bgugg said...

Grandiose ! Thank you !!

onxidlib said...



Javier Roz said...

Thanks onxidlib!

roberth said...

thanks onxidlib
for the re up on this one.
i have entered a konitz phase
this one is hitting me hard.

cvllos said...

Many thanks, Onxidlib! Fischier link still active in spite these 18 months!
BTW, I suggest a visit on Israbox on search for Konitz & Solal (European Episode)
Merry Christsmas my friends! Noel brought to me a nice recording! Thanks again!!!