8 September 2011

Phillip Wilson Trio - Live in Rome '79

A "prequel" to this post.

Rec. live at "Centro Jazz St.Louis", Rome, Italy, on March 24, 1979
(mix recording)

Phillip Wilson,drums
Olu Dara,trumpet,harmonica,vocals
Donald Smith,piano,flute,vocals

1. 1st Set (40:44)
2. 2nd Set (50:05)

Total Time 1:30:50

Lush Life


riccardo said...

mp3 (203 MB)

flac (549 MB) part1 part2

alec said...

Superb! Amazing! A mix/sbd recording no less from one of my favorite drummers! We are seriously indebted to you! Thank you!

Igor said...

Much obliged, riccardo. A top-notch post from you as usual.

Olu Dara was brilliant here, as he is usual as a sideman, so it's even stranger that his own albums are not even close to this ...

Wallofsound said...

Dara now says that the music he made back then was rubbish. Great shame, as you say he is an important part of the success of the sound, here.

Franco said...


I thank you from the botton of my heart for the posts containing Donald smith on Vocals(2 Philip Wilson and Von Freeman)...really obscure stuff...like some long lost tracks fom his days with brother Lonnie.No offence to Lonnie but i actually think Don' is a better all round musician.Nice to see his work being exposed in Blogs like this.
I thankyou again!

Franko Valerio

Anything else i might have missed that features Donald Smith Vocals?

Arcturus said...

a most welcome addition - thanks riccardo

sotise said...

Wonderful music, thank you Riccardo!

jdogg said...

Please re-up. The links currently lead to a download manager and not to the music files at all. Thanks.