23 September 2011

Journal Violone II - John Surman - saxes, clarinets Barre Phillips - bass (synths?) Aina Kemanis - voice Unknown venue - June 13, 1979 (track 1)/ March 16, 1980 (tracks 2-4)

T1 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Parts 1-3)    27:04
T2 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Part 1) 7:17
T3 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Part 2) 8:33
T4 Journal Violone II (B. Phillips) (Parts 3-6) 21:27

fm > cassette (unknown gen) > wav > flac level 6 > eac (secure) > flac level 8 > dime
a litle hissy > A/A-

Yesterday I announced I had a Mountainscape set.  However, I had made this statement without having my notes ready and in the evening, trying to retrace that CD, I found I couldn't locate it.  I even began to doubt my memory: 'Had I really recorded any Mountainscapes or was I just imagining this?'  'Had I just misalaid or lent it and never bothered to get it back?'
What I did come up with, is this set (a double set, actually) which was - I think - originally seeded by Peter Losin, about a year back.
Journal Violone was - at first - a solo project by Barre which started out in 1968 as literally a kind of bass diary.  Journal Violone II was a trio effort, recorded by ECM and released in 1979. It somehow bridges the earlier trio-work (never on ECM) and the experimental work of Mountainscapes/Three Day Moon and the more vocal-oriented work on 'Music by Barre Phillips' (sadly never released on CD).
This seed is culled from two radio performances which are definitely not complete, but this is how it was originally seeded. The first session is interrupted rather abruptly during the applause but one can hear Barre tuning his bass and ready to go into another part.  Maybe more of this will be unnearthed one day?


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Anonymous said...

according to my notes the first venue
was Lyon in France and the second
Peitz (former) German Democratic


glmlr said...

Thank you!

Wallofsound said...

Interesting, and with a built in mystery. Thank you.

matt w said...

Thanks for this -- very interesting to hear it in a live setting, with less of the studio polish & overdubbing. (Nothing against the ECM album!)

For some reason the music is showing up in my player under the genre "Polka."

wightdj said...

Great to hear, thanks.

Arcturus said...

fascinating, thanks!

matt w said...

It sounds to me as though they're not performing the pieces in the same order as on the album -- the first part of Track 1 (Lyon) is almost certainly Part II from the album. I haven't been able to do in depth comparison but the Peitz show definitely gets very far from the album material. And is great!

sotise said...

A great listen , thanks Bill!

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