27 September 2011

Steve Lacy Trio-Stalks, (Yoshizawa, Togashi),Nippon Columbia – YQ-7507-N -(1975)Flac upgrade from Vinyl Source

Here's a Flac Upgrade of something posted here from a tape source in mp3's a few years ago,this is ripped straight from a vinyl source .. of Stalks , one of Lacys most challenging 70's lp, and also apparently one of the rarest..

Yoshizawa and Togashi truly are Lacy's masterful peers here,matching his most provocative textural explorations in an astonishing counterpoint ,the three floating together as they sculpt the void..with an elasticity that seems unique to Lacy's Japanese Collaborations!
 Much thanks ..and more than a little love to Dave 'the Wane'from Tasmania for this fresh.... rip!!!

to which i've done absolutely nothing.. no pretending even for a moment that this is from a Digital source

Steve Lacy – Stalks

Label:Nippon Columbia – YQ-7507-N Japan :1975
Tracklist .

A1 Stalks 10:35
A2 Moon 9:24
B1 Japanese Duck 6:40
B2 The Wane 6:46
B3 Bone 4:47
Soprano Saxophone, Written-By – Steve Lacy

Bass – Motoharu Yoshizawa
Percussion – Masahiko Togashi

Coordinator [Artist Co-ordination] – Aquirax Aida
Producer – Tsutomu Ueno

Recorded at Nippon Columbia 1st Studio, Tokyo, June 7, 1975.

Enjoy ...

 i'll be posting a few more Lacy rarities over the next few weeks

as i said all credit to Dave 'the Wane'.. for trading this with me.

Lp Covers, courtesy of Nick added Here


SOTISE said...

Flac -207 mb

marten512 said...

Effin wonderful! Thank you Dave for the upgrade and thank you Sotise for upping it here. (I will leave it to others to say something intelligent.) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! This is wonderful! I'm longing for this album. This is so rare one.

glmlr said...

Thanks for the upgrade Sotise.

Bozo the Clown said...

YOu have brought tears to an old clown's eyes. This is a stone-cold ulra all-time killer classic favorite, of a perfect trio in Zen-like harmony of expression. The Sol society needs to DEMAND the record biz get this out before too long! Plus it inspires you to eat your good, clean vegatables!

Anonymous said...

Sotise etal.

Once again, thank you. keepers of the flame. cultural historians. I remember getting this lp in the mail when it came out. What an amazing production. The heavy gorgeous jacket and heavy faultless Japanese vinyl.
mad respect,
red cloud

roberto t. said...

Of course a big thank you. But I remember another trio that never surfaced again with Kent Carter and Togashi in the same period or was it later?

1009 said...

Wow, this is gorgeous. I like the cassette rip sotise posted here aeons ago, and this one is just the improvement one would expect. There are some crackles & pops, of course, but nothing to distract from the quality of the performances. Really fantastic stuff from my favorite period of Lacy. Thanks to all involved!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to find this. Thanks in advance for any additional Lacy rarities you may be able to share.

onxidlib said...

Yep - very very much appreciated.
I have the cassette rip which was one of my first downloads from IS - wayback as an anonymous and not commenting coward.

...dear M. - thank you for the upgrade and also for the 'upgrade' of my role here on IS - started through your lavish heart.

sotise said...

Yes Definitely essential , as are many missing lacy records from the 70's and later too, his vinyl only solo release on Roratorio for example (which i heard once!..but do not own).. i have a small handful more i can post ... but it would be great were others to chip in.

@E,WE are lucky to have made your acqaintance and that you climbed abord... its great to have you here buddy!, and everyone else too!

Anonymous said...

This is incredible... thank you so much - I'd love to have a complete set of FLAC rips of Lacy's mid-70s Japanese albums -
Steve Lacy - Torments - Morgue (solo recorded July 6 1975)
Stalks - which is amazing - again thank you
Steve Lacy - Solo at Mandara - Kojima (solo recorded June 8 1975 floating around as MP3 but no flac)
Steve Lacy - The Wire (Steve Lacy(ss)
Masahiko Satoh(p)
Masahiko Togashi(per)
Keiki Midorikawa(cello,b)
Yoshio Ikeda(b)
Motoharu Yoshizawa(b)
Rec Jun 18 1975
Nippon Columbia) again I don't think this is floating around in flac
Steve Lacy(ss)
Masahiko Satoh(p)
Masahiko Togashi(per)
Keiki Midorikawa(cello,b)
Yoshio Ikeda(b)
Motoharu Yoshizawa(b)
Rec Jun 18 1975
Nippon Columbia can be found ....

SOTISE said...

Anon , i'll be posting the Wire in flacs soon!

longbranch said...

This is terrific! Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

pleasE REUP !!

kinabalu said...
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basis said...
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basis said...

sorry oron is not working, could you please reupload on rapidshare? thanks alot in advance

kinabalu said...

New link:


Anonymous said...

Thank you, so much!


Anonymous said...

Can this re-up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Incredible record - I can no longer tell if I have the upgrade version or not so if someone could re-up would be appreciated - unless someone can answer - does the upgrade version have some crackle from vinyl (not complaining) - never thought I'd hear these rare Japanese Lacy records

martin said...

Here are Sotise's upgrades:


martin said...

And here is another link:

correct silence said...

Can someone re-up please?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Nick said...

Here's mine too


correct silence said...

So one with a German taste and another one with a Canadian Taste?

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

I would argue - different rips.

francisco santos said...


cvllos said...

At last, I got it fro, Nick's link! Thanks, Lacy is cool!