6 April 2009

Even more Sam Rivers

Here's another 70s trio, perhaps the ultimate one with Dave Holland and Barry Altschul. This was recorded live at the "New Foxhole Café", Philadelphia, on April 19th, 1976 (2nd set).

Sam Rivers,tenor & soprano saxophones,piano,flute
Dave Holland,bass
Barry Altschul,drums

1. Improvisation (1:08:12)

This is another scorcher with Altschul very much to the fore in the mix. As indicated above, only one piece slightly over one hour, similar to the Foggia set posted here before. This is a format that suits Rivers very much, so no complaint this time about being cut short, due to the limitations of the album format. As on the Foggia date, he starts out on tenor, switches to soprano at the 20+ minute mark and rounds off with two briefer interludes on piano and flute after the 50+ minute mark. New to this date is the piano section which in my view is the weaker part, but others may disagree. Top interaction throughout and it is particularly facinating to hear Altschul and compare with Steve Ellington on the other date. Altschul comes off as more forceful and intense and with Holland on board, this set rocks and sizzles from beginning to end.

This gem was supplied by riccardo in our contributions section, so a tip of the hat for that one. I thought it warranted a proper post as it dovetailed nicely with the recent Rivers postings here. Readers are advised to dig in for more gems from riccardo and others.


kinabalu said...

lame (156 MB) :

flac (459 MB) :

Rob said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Never knew this was out there. Thank you again. Rob

yesss! said...

thanks much for this. i love altschul/holland stuff and had never heard this before. just listened to the mp3 and it was amazing so now i'm going back for the flac! barry is just killing it here!

glmlr said...

Many many thanks Kinabalu! I didn't know of this one.

Slothrop said...

Big thanks for this Kinabalu. I'm always complaining that there isn't enough Sam Rivers from this era. And then.... presto! I couldn't be more excited.

hulaboy said...

Great ... just great. ... Words fail me. Thanks for sharing this.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks for sharing.

Ilario said...

Hi kinabalu

many thanks for this upload, is great music.
but the first set ? is missing !

many thanks Ilario

kinabalu said...

Yes, it looks as if only the second set was posted. I've no idea whether the first set was recorded or not.

woessner said...

The Sam Rivers Sessionography lists this session:
76.04.10 • Sam Rivers Trio [Audience Recording]
April 10, 1976 / The Empty Foxhole, Philadelphia, PA

1. unknown title [ : ]

Sam Rivers (reeds)
Dave Holland (b)
Barry Altschul (dr)

Seems unlikely that RIvers would have played in Philadelphia twice in nine days in 1976. I would tend to believe the date in the Sessionography unless there is evidence of the April 19, 1976 date.

riccardo said...

For clarity :
1. this recording is in my collection since the late seventies, i've got it from an american guy (a friend of mine, living and working in Milan at that time). The credits i've provided comes exactly from that source and i don't have reason to think it was a fake.
2. The Empty Foxhole (much more famous) and the New Foxhole Café were two different clubs, operating in Philadelphia in those years : i don't think is so strange that Sam Rivers (who at that time was a really star) could have a double engagement in few weaks.
3. In any case, i'm happy that this post has been upgraded to "the front page" seen the success it received (till now more than 180 downloads) : many thanks to kinabalu.

a hug

jiiiiiiiq said...

A big hug to you too riccardo, thank you so much for making this rarity available. Three avant jazz giants playing together at their peak.

kinabalu said...

Riccardo, judging by your fine contributions here, I think you ought to be upgraded yourself. If you're interested in posting here, I can set you up, but I will need to have a valid email address if you would be so kind.

kinabalu said...

You can get in touch at kinabalu4093@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ever so much - great great great stuff!

-inamorata a/k/a latecomer

noteworthy said...

This looks like a wonderful concert. Thank you.

cc said...

Thanks for the music. I like the line up.

El Pampero said...

Fantastic music again on your blog. I'm listening to River's solo work now: Portrait. One of his best! I a looking for the duet with Dave Holland for a very long time now. Can anyone please upload it for me?

Bozo the Clown said...

just heard the news of the Great One's passing- thanks for all the great musical memories over the course of a fantastic career. This was the heavy-duty band of the day, 2nd only to the trio with Cecil McBee and Norman Conners. The music world, with this passing and that of Motorhead Sherwood of the Mothers of Invention , has lost two very influential giants!